Cost-effectiveness of support delivered by text

2011 study demonstrates text support doubles the chances of quitting.

A prospective, blinded and randomized trial published in 2011 with 5800 participants.

The researchers discovered that in the long-term, text support programs can double the quit success of participants.

The intervention group had a 10.7% biochemically verified 6 month continuous abstinence quit rate, whereas the control group’s quit rate was 4.9% (P < 0.0001).

Those in the intervention group that used other cessation products or services had an even higher quit rate of 14.6%.

The intervention was helpful for smokers of all levels of addiction.  A cost-effectiveness analysis of the text to stop program determined that text support programs are likely to result in a net savings to the healthcare system.

Guerriero C, Cairns J, Roberts I, Rodgers A, Whittaker R, Free C. The cost-effectiveness of smoking cessation support delivered by mobile phone text messaging: Txt2stop. European Journal of Health Economics, 2012