Phone support

Through decades of refinement and study, phone support ('quitline') has become one of the most effective and widespread smoking cessation interventions.

While practices have changed significantly over the years, two decades of studying quit smoking phone support services ('quitlines') has resulted in ample data to conclude they are both effective and cost-effective smoking cessation interventions.

A number of studies examining the effectiveness of phone support programs have been published, and all of them have found that phone support programs are effective at helping smokers in their quit attempts.

Evidence of real-world effectiveness of a phone quitline
2002 study shows Quitlines can almost double success rates.

Studies exploring the effectiveness of Quitlines have consistently shown impressive results. In 2002, a trial with 3,282 participants published in the New England Journal of Medicine demonstrated a 6-month abstinence rate for the intervention group of 12.8% compared to 8.6% in the control group (P < 001). Further analysis revealed that participants that actually used the counselling service were almost twice as likely to quit as those who did not.

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