Group Support

BC QuitNow group support starting in January 2019.

How to access the Group Support

We prefer that people register for the Group Support sessions by calling a Quit Coach at
1-877-455-2233 so that we know how many people to expect.

To call into any of the Group Support sessions, please:

Call: 1-877-385-4099
Enter Participant Access Code: 4356609# 

2019 Group support schedule

Your Smoke-Free Life: What to Expect
Monday January 7th 2019 @ 7pm PST
Relapse Prevention
Monday February 4th 2019 @ 7pm PST
How the Body Heals
Monday March 4th 2019 @ 7pm PST
Understanding Your Triggers and Strengths - Coping Strategies
Monday April 1st 2019 @ 7pm PST
Pharmacotherapy & The Potential Side Effects
Monday May 6th 2019 @ 7pm PST
Quitting Smoking & Surgery
Monday June 3rd 2019 @ 7pm PST
The Benefits of Quitting
Monday July 1st 2019 @ 7pm PST
The Association of Depression When Quitting Smoking
Monday August 5th 2019 @ 7pm PST
Stress and Stress Management
Monday September 2nd 2019 @ 7pm PST
Alternative Therapies
Monday October 7th 2019 @ 7pm PST
Creating a Quit Plan
Monday November 4th 2019 @ 7pm PST
Stress and Stress Management
Monday December 2nd 2019 @ 7pm PST