Text services

Our text service is a free 3-month program designed for those who are ready to set a quit date within the next 30 days, or have already quit within the last 30 days. Text messages tailored to your quit date provide tips, advice and encouragement to help you quit smoking and stay on track.

Those who are thinking about quitting, but not ready to set a quit date, can sign up for a 3-week program to receive daily messages that will explore your uncertainty about quitting and motivate you to take the next step.  

Once registered, try our new Text-to-Chat feature for real-time, personalized help from our Quit Coaches. Simply text CHAT for help to plan your quit, stay motivated and overcome challenges.

Embrace our support services. Get free personalized support when you need it most.


How do I register?
Join by texting QUITNOW to 654321 and follow the prompts.
Is there a cost for these text messages?
This service is available and FREE to all BC residents. However standard message/data rates may apply. Check with your mobile provider.
How many text messages will I receive?
Depends if you signed up for the 3-month program quitting program or the 3-week thinking about quitting program.

3-Month program for those who set a quit date:

You will receive messages tailored to your quit date as follows:

Before your quit date:  you will receive up to 2 messages per day up to 30 days prior to your Quit Date to help you prepare; (up to 35 messages).

During the first month of your quit: you will receive on average 2 messages per day for the first three weeks of your quit and 1 msg/per day for the fourth week of your quit; (up to 60 messages).

After one month of your quit: you will receive 2 messages per week for two months to help you avoid slips and stay on track (up to 16 messages).

3-Week Program for those thinking about quitting:

If you texted THINKING because you aren't ready to set a quit date, you will receive one text message every day for three weeks to help you explore your uncertainty about quitting and take the next step.

How do I stop my text messages?
Text STOP to 654321 or login to your Quit Plan and select 'unsubscribe' under Services.
What if I have problems or feedback?
Not getting your TXT messages or other issues? Please contact us at