Schedule a call with one of our experienced and friendly Quit Coaches, or if you need immediate support, call us toll-free at 1-877-455-2233

Accessing the Quit Coaches is a good option for a person who is needing some guidance on getting started with quitting or reducing smoking. The Quit Coaches can customize the support based on a persons' specific situation and preferences. They  know all the various quitting options and can navigate a person to the ones that are a good fit.

Embrace our support services. Get free personalized support when you need it most.


Who should call our phone service?
Anyone looking for help to quit or to help others quit can call us at at 1.877.455.2233.

Here are just some of the reasons you might want to call a Quit Coach:

  • You are a smoker trying to quit within the next month.
  • You've already quit smoking, but could use some extra support.
  • You are feeling strong cravings and worried you are on the verge of relapse.
  • You would like to help a friend or family member quit smoking.
  • You are a healthcare professional who wants to help your patients/clients.
When is the phone service open?
The service is available 24/7. Quit Coaches are available from 9am - 9pm (PST), Monday - Friday, and 9am - 5pm on weekends and holidays. Their assistants are available during their off hours.