Tips for slips and relapse

It usually takes many times before someone quits for good. A slip is having one or two cigarettes while trying to quit. A relapse is when you go back to regular smoking. Remember that both are temporary setbacks - but common parts of the quitting journey.

Try not to think of quitting as an all or nothing occurrence. It’s a gradual process that can take many quit attempts before you finally succeed.  

What to do if you have a slip

Don’t panic! Get right back on track

Remember - quitting takes practice and having a slip is part of the quitting process. A slip should not be considered a failure, so don’t use it as an excuse to go back to regular smoking. The trick is to get back on track right away and learn from the slip:

  • Identify what triggered the urge to smoke.
  • Think about how you will handle it differently in the future – either by avoiding the trigger, or coming up with new strategies for beating the cravings. 
  • Don’t be hard on yourself and try to stay positive. This is a small bump in the road.

If you need extra help:

  • Call or live chat with our Quit Coaches
  • Text QUITNOW to 654321
  • Visit the Forum to share experiences with others who get it
  • Consider using or adjusting your quit aids like nicotine gum or patches