Exploring the 5 R's

A relationship with smoking can be tough to end, and many people go back and forth with the decision to quit. If you're thinking about quitting but aren't quite ready, this section will help you explore your motivations to quit and the obstacles standing in your way.

There are so many great reasons to quit. Identify yours to motivate you to take the next step.

My reasons

There are so many reasons to quit smoking. What are yours?
My family
Saving money
My friends
My appearance
My health
Doctor recommended

My rewards

While the rewards of quitting are huge, it's also important to acknowledge what keeps you smoking. What are your rewards?

Rewards to continuing to smoke:

Weight management
Socializing with smokers
Coping mechnism
Stress relief
Boredom relief
Work breaks

Rewards to quitting:

Money saved
Improved health
Role modeling
Confidence & esteem
Better taste & smells

My risks

To help strengthen your resolve to quit, it's important to think about the risks of smoking. What might happen if you continue to smoke?
Health risks
Relationship strain
Financial burden
Kids more likely to smoke
Exposure to second-hand smoke

My roadblocks

Many people have barriers that prevent them from trying to quit. Identify your barriers so you can find solutions to overcome them.
Weight gain
Withdrawal fears
Lack of support
Friends & family smoke
Feeling loss or boredom


Quitting smoking is a process. It's common for people to have multiple quit attempts before they quit for good. Keep this in mind when preparing for your quit. Many people slip during the first few months of a quit, so don't let the fear of relapse stop you from trying.

The more times you try to quit, the greater your chances of successfully quitting - so never give up.