Choose a quit date

Setting a quit date is empowering - it means you’re serious about quitting. Learn some tips on how to pick a date that will make quitting easier to stick to.

Tips for choosing a date that works for you:

  • Pick a date that’s soon, but not too soon. We recommend choosing a quit date within the next two weeks. You’ll be better prepared if you give yourself some time to prepare, but not enough time to change your mind and back out. 
  • Pick a date with fewer triggers. Try choosing a date that’s part of your regular routine with little stress at work or at home. Choosing a date that’s during a vacation or celebrations like birthdays can actually be harder, because they can be major triggers to smoke. 

  • Give yourself time to get your quit smoking aids. If you're interested in using NRT, visit your local pharmacy and ask about a free supply through the BC Smoking Cessation Program. If you're interested in prescription medications (Champix® or Zyban®) plan to see your doctor at least 2 weeks before your quit date to give the medications time to kick in. Read more about medications.

Ready for a date? We can help you countdown to your quit date.