How your body heals

Your body is a miraculous thing. Within 20 minutes of taking your last puff, your body is already at work healing itself from the harmful effects of smoking.

If you are a member with a quit date in the past, the darker shading indicates milestones you have passed to date.

  • 20 Minutes

    Blood pressure and heart rate decrease.
  • 8 Hours

    Oxygen level goes back to normal and carbon monoxide levels drop.
  • 48 Hours

    Chances of having a heart attack decreases and sense of smell and taste start improving.
  • 72 Hours

    Bronchial tubes have restarted their cleaning mechanism, so breathing is easier.
  • 2 Weeks to 3 Months

    Circulation improves, exercising becomes easier and lung capacity can increase by as much as 30%.
  • 6 Months

    Improvements in coughing, sinus congestion, tiredness, shortness of breath and colds.
  • 1 Year

    50% reduction in risk of smoking-related heart attack.
  • 5 Years

    Risk of having a stroke is now reduced to that of a non-smoker.
  • +10 Years

    Risk of dying from lung cancer will decrease by half.
  • 15 Years

    Risk of dying from a heart attack is the same as a person who has never smoked.