Know your triggers

Cravings are a normal part of the quitting journey.

Even if you’ve been quit for a while, a craving can come out of nowhere. But more often than not there is a specific cause or “trigger” that turns on your need for a smoke. Those “triggers” can be people, places, situations, feelings or moods. Knowing your triggers will help you avoid them or find ways to handle them.

Consider tracking your tobacco use to notice patterns in your smoking behaviour. Once you have this understanding, you can take steps to change these patterns, one at a time.

Knowing is half the battle. Learn your triggers and add them to your Quit Plan.


Common triggers and coping strategies:

Watching TV or videos

If you’re used to smoking while you watch TV or videos, try changing your routine. Sit in a different chair or watch in a different room. Keep your hands busy with something else, like sipping water or playing with a stress ball or Rubik's cube.