Get active

Transitioning into a new routine like exercising regularly may feel like a big change, especially if you're trying to quit smoking at the same time. But, you can increase your chances of quitting while improving your health by reaching for your gym shoes instead of a cigarette.

Thirty minutes of aerobic exercise is an effective way to keep cravings and withdrawal symptoms at bay. Aerobic exercise is physical activity that gets your heart rate up, gets you sweating and causes you to breathe harder. This can be a brisk walk, climbing a few flights of stairs, jogging, hiking, cycling or swimming.

Tips for staying the course
  • If you’re just starting out, make walking a part of your regular routine. Try taking brisk walks after meals with co-workers, friends or family members. Work your way up to walking faster and further.
  • Incorporate exercise into different parts of your day. For example, use the stairs instead of taking the elevator at the mall or office. 
  • When you’re ready, try adjusting the frequency, variety, and intensity of activities to keep you engaged. 

Quitting while taking on a new routine can be challenging. It can feel discouraging at first when you experience shortness of breath while exercising. But after your quit, you may find exercise becomes easier. That’s because after just two weeks of quitting your lung capacity can increase by 30 percent! Stay the course - it will be worth it.