How does vaping affect health?

There are several health risks relating to vaping, notably to lung and heart health. Other risks include the presence of nicotine, other harmful chemicals, exposure to second-hand aerosol, and device malfunctions.

What are the health effects of vaping?

The e-liquid in vaping products, which is vapourized and then inhaled, contains a variety of chemicals. The long-term risks of inhaling these chemicals are still being studied but research is starting to show negative effects on both lung and heart health.

 As investigations into vaping products and related lung illnesses continue, QuitNow recommends that you consider refraining from using vaping products.

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Second-hand vapour

Bystanders can also be exposed to aerosol that is exhaled by users, and the effects of this exposure are not yet known. While the risks of aerosol are expected to be much lower than tobacco smoke, you should be cautious around non-users, youth, and pregnant women.