Conquering cravings

Cravings will be the most intense in the first few days. The key to getting past cravings is to remember the 4 Ds: delay, distract, deep breaths, and drink water.

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What will you do to conquer your cravings?

  • Here’s the big secret to beating cravings: they rarely last more than a few minutes. If you can delay giving in, you will beat them every time. One way to delay is to put yourself into a situation where it is impossible to smoke. For example, you could take a shower, listen to a song, or stay indoors in a public place.
  • A part of waiting out your craving is taking your mind off of your desire to smoke. Keep your mind busy by distracting yourself with an activity such as exercising, cleaning up, eating a healthy snack, talking to a friend or calling one of our Quit Coaches.
  • Not only does taking deep breaths help you delay your craving, but deep breathing can help you relieve stress. The process of inhaling and exhaling tricks your body into feeling as though it is already relaxed, which in turn actually does relax you! Deep breathing techniques can also help with withdrawal side effects such as anxiety. Try taking 5 slow, deep breaths with your mind focused on your breathing, or try some deep breathing exercises found here.
  • Drinking a glass of water is another technique that can delay giving into cravings, as well as keep your mouth and hands busy. Having a drink of water changes the feeling and taste in your mouth while keeping you hydrated. One idea is to hold each sip in your mouth for a few seconds or use a drinking straw to keep your mouth busy.