Release Form

Photo and quit story release form

I hereby consent the following photograph/s and quit smoking story rights and permissions to QuitNow, a BC government-funded quit smoking service operated by the BC Lung Association, its agents and employees. I also relinquish any liability on the part of the media and mass communications in or on which the photograph/s and story content may appear or be used at any time.

The material will be retained for as long as QuitNow and the BC government sees fit or until I request in writing the destruction of such original material, after having had the opportunity to see the material.

Such material shall be the property of QuitNow and the BC government.

I do hereby agree that the copyright of such photographs and interview material shall be fully and solely vested in and with QuitNow

By clicking "I agree" you are agreeing to the Photo and Quit Story Release Form terms written above.