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Thinking about quitting smoking? Or, are you ready to quit or try again? Get motivated and prepared using our 5-step Quit Plan. Planning and professional support can improve your chances of quitting. Our new Quit Plan was built with expert knowledge and real tobacco users who understand your struggle. There's no need to quit alone. 

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Personalized advice
Our new Quit Plan is tailored to you, no matter where you are on your journey. It’s more personalized, more interactive and includes all you need to plan and carry out a successful quit!
Sometimes you just need clear, practical guidance on what to do, and when. With our new Quit Plan Checklist feature, we provide five, easy-to-follow steps to put your plan into action and set you up for success!
Live feed
Keep motivated by checking into your Quit Plan feed daily for tips and inspiration. Connect with our active, supportive community of quitters who have been through it all. There's no need to quit alone!