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Quitting in 13 days
Hey guys, Al here, been on and off here since this place started many years ago, each time I quit it was thanks mostly to the wonderful people on here, well I'm back, smoking steady since my best friend, my dad died a horrific death of color cancer 6 years ago, and it's been about 2 packs a day since then. I've picked thanks giving for my day, I'm trying hard to get my mind in that place to quit, I love smoking, I've quit a half dozen times in the last 30 years, longs no smoking was almost 5 years. Guess I just wanted to say hi and get some positive mojo from u wonderful quiters
Quit 3 days ago
Im quitting...advice too ;)
Andrea Lynn Simpson
Thinking about quitting
Hi! My doctor told me that my CT scan shows Emphysema. I could already feel it. I am terrified to quit smoking. And I’m equally terrified not to! I will need some help getting there! 
Quit 47 days ago
What effect does NRT have on delaying withdrawal symptoms or maybe even prolonging them. All my symptoms started right after I quit the NRT (depression, anxiety, dry mouth, coughing and sore throat). All of these symptoms are still around 3.5 weeks later. Any insight?
Quit 100 days ago
Hi everyone on the forum!  I no longer get an allert when someone posts to me. Going to the phone store when I go to Boston tomorrow morning. Sorry if I haven't responded to anyone. I am a tech idiot. Bob
Lucille Brown
Quit 931 days ago
Look towards the day when all will be right with the world. When all bad habits are behind you and you can look forward to a long healthy life.  That day will come sooner than you think. And when it does it will be a day of success and celebration. 🍾🥂💐🎉🎁
Quit 7 days ago
Did anyone get dizzy and have anxiety after quitting 
Quit 44 days ago
Today was a really tough one! Seems everywhere I went had people out front smoking, every person at the check out buying cigarettes! Then home where my two neighbors were on their porch having a coffee and a cigarette! I kept waffling, but kept asking myself would one really hurt? One’s too many and a hundred’s not enough, right?
Ro is free
Quit 9 days ago
Just starting out on my quit smoking journey,finding the cravings are hard to get through.Does anyone have some suggestions on how to overcome they become less frequent soon?