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Quit 19 days ago
Hi guys, i ve been smoke free for 19 days now. I started when i was 16yo and Smoked less than a pack for about 5 years, then IT begun to get out of control pretty easilly  and for the last 4 years or so i was Smoking 30+ cigarettes per day. I was having a bunch of smoking related problems  like smokers cough, fatigue (had no strength at all, Even doing simple things like folding clothes!!!), chest pain, that whole thing. I was already having thoughts of quitting for some couple years, i would light one up and be disgusted at myself for paying a high price to kill myself... so it finally clicked this year... i either stop now while i can get my health back or i’ll be forced to quit when my heart fails, my lungs collapse or worse. I used nicotine patches for 2 weeks, but this thing was giving me all sorts of crazy dreams, which were not that bad but my brain wasnt getting a break, working non-stop... so i decided to ditch the patches and went cold turkey. So far so good, its been 3 days without nicotine and i have minor cravings when i wake up but it usually goes away pretty quick... had a drink last night with friends that smoke and didnt even think about asking for a ciggie. The first week was a breeze, i was feeling so good... and i knew that once i forgotten what cigarrettes were doing to me i would be prone to caving... second week was definetly the hardest, I wanted to smoke só badly... but i’m kind of stuborn and wouldnt light one up, even tho i keep  a pack at home just so i can feel i have the choice to smoke, im just choosing not to! so i Guess being stuborn pays off when it comes to quit smoking! I’m also vaping a lot (non nicotine juices of course) and eating all the time. even tho im very positive i can kick the habbit and be smoke free (im just so  tired of being enslaved by nicotine... for real!) Im here because i need advice: how does one deal with anxiety? I have to learn how to do it without cigarettes and thats the only really hard time im having! Im very anxious by nature so i dont think its being caused by withdraw, and whenever i had anxious toughts in the past i would smoke, and its kind of frustrating not knowing how to deal with IT now! 
Also, am i behind the normal process of healing since i was getting a steady income of nicotine front the patch for 2 weeks? When will these nostalgic thoughts about cigarettes fade? I know i said i have no desire to smoke again but even knowing these are deceitfull toughts i still have em! I just want to know how long is Gonna take for me to wake up and not even think about the evil bastards for the rest of the day...
Sorry for the long post, i think i had to vent a little too 😂
Quit 13 days ago
I quit... it's been 12 days since I last had one. Smoked for 20 years.. I found it easy for the first week. struggling.. 
Quitting in 18 days
I have quit smoking several times for as long as 2-3 yrs.  Now need to make  it final 
Quit yesterday
I just joined.  I've recently relapsed back into smoking, and I'm pretty embarrassed by it.  Hoping that I'll successfully quit this time and be done with it for good.  I'll keep you posted
Quitting in 18 days
I have quit smoking several times for as much as 2-3yrs using different methods 
Quit 19 days ago
17 days.. and I don't feel any better and at times, worse.. ugh! 
Lucille Brown
Quit 1,107 days ago
Today, my family and I celebrated what would have been our son's 40th birthday had he not died from cancer.  He had never smoked.  Think very carefully about your own family when you smoke.  You are hurting more than yourself.  Life is too short, so enjoy and celebrate your freedom from cigarettes and take care of your health because it really matters to you and your loved ones.  Much love, Lucille.
Asad Khan
Quitting in 24 days
May be it is not relevant to this forum but has anyone tried laser treatment for quit smoking? If yes please let me know if it really helps.
krista k
Quit 157 days ago
5 months not a cigarette, its hard everyday, i still crave them... when i see someone smoking a voice in my brain says .. go ask for 1 just 1... i haven't given in
i even stopped smoking weed, i just eat the gummies now
Quit 24 days ago
Although I am very happy to be smoke free, I have become so angry, sad and irritated since two days ago.Any suggestion?