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Quit 101 days ago
Good afternoon everyone,
First off, I want to tell all of you folks on the forum, that you are simply awesome. You make this forum great, you make this forum work, and because of all of you this forum is one of the best quitting smoking tools that we will ever have use of. And a big thanks to the forum members, who, at the beginning of my quit got me through the early and toughest part of this journey. I would never be able to count 100 days, if not for this forum and I will be forever grateful for all of the encouragement and support. I also have to thank all of the quit coaches. They are an amazing group of people. And, although, I’ve never spoken to a coach, every once in a while, one of them will comment on of my posts. And when they do, it makes my heart feel ten times larger, knowing that there are strangers in the world that are so willing to help and encourage others and give their time so freely.
To the new quitters on the forum, please know this, that you are not alone, the ups and downs, the tears and negative mood swings, the wanting to give up and just have that “one” last cigarette are part of the process that we all have to go through. The thoughts of wanting a cigarette can be all-consuming at the beginning, but with time, you can easily push those thoughts aside and it simply becomes a nuisance.
Have faith in yourselves, and know that you can do this! I never ever thought I could and for forty-two years I always said I would never quit. People around me were and still are, getting sick (and dying) from smoking-related illnesses. In October 2018, I gave myself a quit date, and I never looked back. I believed that I had one shot at this, so I had better make it a good one. Anyone who is having doubts or struggling, know this, there is no one or nothing that can stop you from quitting or that can jeopardize your quit. Except you. Ultimately, it is we ourselves that are doing this. It is our determination, our strength, our resolve that carries us through this journey. Our minds are our greatest ally. Or they can be our greatest foe, but only if we allow it to be so. Once we have made up our minds to do something, and we do not let anything stand in our way, there is nothing that we can’t do. Believe in yourself. You have every single thing that you need to succeed. Do not allow a small tube full of poisonous substances rule your life, dictate your actions and possibly take your life. Most of us thought cigarettes were our friends, they are not. We thought they relaxed us, they did not. We thought they consoled us when we were sad, they did not. They robbed us of being able to participate in physical activities and they were slowly killing us. All of we quitters now know how much that “friend” has been lying to us. All of us now know that we matter and we have what it takes to fight back and take control of our lives again.
Have a great smoke-free day and life!
Lucille Brown
Quit 1,046 days ago
Transforming your life is easier than you think! We tend to greet the new year with a list of all the things we need to "fix", but there's a better way to get those goals to unfold: seeing yourself as worthy of good health, abundant happiness and life filled with joy for accomplishments achieved. Wonderful things start happening once you do!  (Woman's World)
Robert John Hall
Quitting today
Hello everyone. Had my last smoke about a half hour ago and put on a patch and am hoping I will not want a smoke in the morning. Hope everyone is having success in their quit keep up the good work. I will definitely keep you informed on how I am doing. Made it 4 months last time and plan on doing better this time around. Have a good nights sleep everyone. Goodnight for now.
Quit 64 days ago
Woot !! 2 months !! So happy !!
Quit 1,206 days ago
You can do this!  Wow, it's been a while since I stopped by... I'm really excited to see a whole bunch of new quitters - congratulations everyone!  When it gets hard (and it might occasionally) share your troubles here on the forum - it's a fantastic tool, helped me loads.  You have taken a big step checking out this forum, and deciding to quit... be proud of yourself, and please believe in yourself!  You CAN do this... no matter now many times you've tried before, how many years you've been smoking, it CAN be done, and YOU CAN DO IT!!   ...and we're here for you!  
Quit 5 days ago
Thanks forum folks for all the great advice and support. Lucille you are a doll!! I'll be back in a few days hopefully smoke free and working the NRT gum. Commit and forget it :) thanks everyone!!
Quit 297 days ago
First five days were hell ... then it got easier 
So glad I quit 
Coming up on one year smoke free 
Thanks all 👍🏻👍🏻
Quit 15 days ago
Officially two weeks smoke-free and counting!  Feeling so grateful for all the support I've gotten from the forum.
Shannon S
Quit 12 days ago
Tough day today. When does the irrability end? Getting so I don't wanna be around myself! Still smoke free! 
Quitting today
So i quit 2 days early but i keep slipping and have that one smoke. Thats what i keep telling myself. It was just one. But i know its the one a day i am having issues kicking and the depression and anxiety keep getting worse. And it just keeps getting harder.. ahh and this is the 10th time ive tried to quit and im really determined this time but everyone one is like "how long you gonna last this time.