Continuing Education

Here you will find training and continuing education opportunities to build your knowledge on treating tobacco dependence.
Note: If you are aware of other educational opportunities, please inform QuitNow at and we will look at adding them to our website.
    • The 5As - an introduction

      Dr. Khara explains a brief intervention using the 5As approach to helping your patients quit. Busy clinicians can also use the 3As: Ask-Advise-Arrange by Referring to QuitNow Services.
    • The 5As in practice

      Dr. Khara conducts role play with a patient to show that it only takes about 3 minutes of your time to help your patients quit, yet can make a lifetime of difference.
    • How QuitNow can make your job easier

      Dr. Khara discusses why it’s critical that healthcare providers talk to their patients/clients about smoking and how QuitNow Services makes helping easy.