Referral program

Refer your clients to QuitNow, and we'll do the rest to get them the support and resources they need to be smoke-free.

How you can refer your patients to QuitNow:


We have an easy online form, but we first need to pre-program your contact information. Contact us at to get set up.

By fax

Fill out our referral form and fax it to us at 1-888-857-6555. You can either download the form here, and print it yourself, or order referral pads here, which we will print and deliver for free.

What QuitNow can do for your patients:

Service Description



We will create an account and email your patient to notify them. With a QuitNow account they will be able to:

  • create a personalized Quit Plan
  • chat with a Quit Coach (cessation counsellor)
  • access the community forum
  • subscribe for motivational emails



Your patient will receive tips, advice, and motivational messages directly to their cell phone, which they can customize to their own needs or unsubscribe from at any time.



 One of our trained counsellors (Quit Coach) will reach out to your patient within days of the referral. 

 Support from Quit Coaches can range from initial questions and advice to ongoing counselling for up to seven months after initial contact.