Order materials

    • General - Smart Steps
      Pocket-sized booklet for adults wanting to quit smoking. There is information on the medications, services and tips in an easy-to-read format.
    • Youth (13 to 18) - Smart Steps
      Pocket-sized quit smoking flip-booklet for youth 13-18 years that uses gender and age specific language and imagery to appeal to this group.
    • Fathers - Booklet
      This booklet is based on fathers' experiences of reducing and quitting smoking. It is for men who identify with the challenges around being an expectant or new Dad who smokes. Knowing you are not alone will support you to take that first step on becoming a smoke-free Dad.
    • The Right Time...The Right Reason: Lung Cancer
    • Fax Referral Pad of 25
      (25 forms per pad - 8.5x11 tear sheets) The QuitNow Fax Referral Program is a program designed to make it easy for healthcare providers to refer their patients/clients to the helpline, website or text program for assistance to quit smoking. To take advantage of the program, we have created easy-to-use fax referral pads which can be faxed to QuitNow.
    • Friends & Family - Smart Steps
      Pocket-sized quit smoking booklet that provides guidance for family and friends who want to help someone to quit smoking.
    • Rack card - General
      Rack card with information on how to access the services available through QuitNow. Downloadable versions available in Traditiona Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Punjabi, Korean and French
    • QuitNow Business card
      Standard Business Card (front shown here - back includes list of what free services are available through QuitNow on the back).
    • Tobacco Free Tuesday business card
      Business card sized brochure for Tobacco Free Tuesday contest (information on reverse).
    • Note pad
      Blank writing pad with QuitNow logo. Maximum order of 25.
    • Cost Calculator Wheel
      An interactive wheel that helps a person calculate the cost of smoking based on a package of cigarettes costing $10
    • Pen
      Limit of 25 units/ order.
    • Flipcube
      A fun distraction toy with different info on each side. Limit of 25/ order.
    • Mints
      Tobacco Free Tuesday branded mints. 1" x 2". Sugar-free. Limit of 25/ order
    • Tobacco Timeout Poster
      8 x 11 Promotional Poster for the Tobacco Timeout Contest (no specific date printed).
    • Tobacco Timeout Business Cards
      Small take-away cards with all the key information about the contest, as well as QuitNow and FNHA resources.
    • Tobacco Timeout Calendar Wheel
      Calendar wheel which allows people to track the numbers of days they have remained smoke-free.