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Quit 157 days ago
So i quit 2 days early but i keep slipping and have that one smoke. Thats what i keep telling myself. It was just one. But i know its the one a day i am having issues kicking and the depression and anxiety keep getting worse. And it just keeps getting harder.. ahh and this is the 10th time ive tried to quit and im really determined this time but everyone one is like "how long you gonna last this time. 
  • G
    Quit 191 days ago
    January 17 @ 6:09 pm
    Dont listen to them. I have a few friends like that too. NOT my support group. I've tried to quit a million times. Everytime I learn something. I haven't gotten past the emotional depression part myself so I keep slipping. I am seriously considering a zyban or chantix product if the gum doesnt ease things. Maybe that's an option for you too? Good luck and you are doing awesome!!
  • DianneE
    Quit 287 days ago
    January 17 @ 6:13 pm
    Hello Lilhafebreed,
    Welcome and don't beat yourself up, it sounds like you've got one great start going for your quit.  Getting yourself down to just one cigarette a day is fantastic.  So, you only have one more small step to do, cut it out altogether.  If you can get down to one, I'm so sure you can quit altogether.  And stop listening to "everyone" and listen to yourself and keep strong and positive.  You can do this  
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,232 days ago
    January 17 @ 6:45 pm
    Lilhafebreed, prove them wrong by showing them how strong you are. Have faith in yourself and don't beat yourself up in the process.  Did you know that depression and anxiety  are caused by smoking. Think about it, you're constantly running to the store for cigarettes when you run out,  you have to smoke out in the cold because you're not allowed to smoke in public buildings anymore,  you have more colds  and constantly worry about your health, you're spending most of your money on these cancer sticks and you're already stressed out by having that one cigarette which will eventually lead to allot more.  Do this for yourself, not for your friends.  You have it in you to beat this habit and we will be here to help any time you need us.  Also the quit coaches can be a godsend to you by helping you one on one throughout your quit.  Give them a call at 1-877-455-2233. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.  Speak to your doctor or pharmacist about different nicotine replacement products that are available to you, drink plenty of water, and please keep us posted. You're never alone.  Much love, Lucille.
  • j
    Quit 515 days ago
    January 17 @ 7:23 pm
    Lilhafebreed, don’t listen to them, listen to us, we are your true supporters. Welcome, take it one step at a time and just do what you can.
  • F
    Quit 194 days ago
    January 18 @ 8:34 am
    F**k those haters and prove them wrong. They are to weak to even consider a big change like quitting cigarettes. Im 8 days in and i already see the benefits of quitting. More money, fresh breath, bigger apetite.. I just feel better. Some of my friends are also like  "dont fool yourself you can't quit" but i don't listen to them.