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Quit 37 days ago
Can anyone recommend a good app for my android phone that keeps track of my days, money saved and health benefits?
Thank you
  • j
    judythebeautyQuit 392 days ago
    Sorry, I have not used any, and I am an apple user.  Many of the apple ones charge but there are a few freebies, noticed a free one called Kwit, that appears to meet your needs if they have that for the androids?
    February 18 @ 3:43 pm
  • GoobieltQuit 48 days ago
    I used to use SmokeFree i think it was called,  and really liked it
    February 18 @ 6:11 pm
  • W
    WoodstockThinking about quitting
    Quit Smoking- My Last Cigarette is a free app which I found very helpful 
    February 20 @ 10:10 am