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Quit 36 days ago
Christine, Lucille, Karen, Meenie, thank you so much for the encouragement. Here I go again. Day 1 loading 
  • Karen33
    Quit 110 days ago
    June 12 @ 11:37 am
    You can do this. I was extremely addicted to smoking. It was my everything...waking up, driving my car,breaks at work...ect.. It's not easy, but I don't want to be an old lady smoker paying 50$ a pack with severe health issues. 
  • Karen33
    Quit 110 days ago
    June 12 @ 11:54 am
    Keep touching base on this forum. Its really helped me and it's a great, proactive community;)
  • DianneE
    Quit 343 days ago
    June 12 @ 11:58 am
    Hi Hann
    Don't beat yourself up for having to try this again, it's not easy. And many take several attempts before they finally succeed.  Be patient with yourself, use the 5 D's for when cravings hit (drink water, delay, distract, deep breaths and discuss) and change up your routine.  Keep posting, that helps a lot, knowing others have gone through or are going through exactly what you are.  If you need extra motivation, I found researching the addiction as well as how harmful smoking really is, to be very motivating.   I used my anger at the tobacco industry in a constructive way!  Welcome and good luck!  
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,288 days ago
    June 12 @ 12:17 pm
    Hann, by getting back on the bandwagon, you've given yourself a fighting chance to succeed and you will because you're much stronger than you think.  There's a wonderful gift awaiting you at the end of this journey , it's called freedom and your life will change for the better because of it.  You are doing the best thing for your health and welfare. We'll always be here to help, you're never alone.  Best wishes for success, Lucille.