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Quit 67 days ago
day 5 loading...
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,319 days ago
    July 12 @ 6:35 am
    Woohoo Hann, day five already,  so so proud of you for trying so hard and I know you will succeed because your motivation speaks for itself.  Much love, Lucille.
    • H
      Quit 67 days ago
      July 12 @ 11:05 am
      Oh, today was particularly hard Lucille, I almost gave up. Still, all I can think of is how badly I need a cig. I am trying to hang on though, haven't bought cigarettes yet. If it continues like this, I doubt I can hang on much longer :(. 
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,319 days ago
    July 12 @ 1:13 pm
    Hann, have you tried calling the quit coaches, (1-877-455-2233)  I know how difficult this is for you as you've said but it may help and it may be a lifesaving call for you.  They are extremely understanding and won't pressure you to do anything you don't want to.  They will however offer you support and encouragement and work with you if you like,  on a day or weekly basis.  It's entirely up to you.  If you're not ready to do this, that's o.k. too.  You'll know when you're prepared to do it again.  Quitting is one of the most difficult journeys you'll ever take, so we won't hold it against you.  But if you wish to keep trying we'll still be here to help you at any time.  Until then try to hang on if you can.   Hugs, Lucille.  
  • QuitCoach Ken
    Quit 14,185 days ago
    July 12 @ 3:47 pm
    Hi Hann Congrats on Day 5. You are wrestling with your addiction and no you don't need a cigarette but your addiction is crying out for one. Are you going to allow a 3 inch crutch dictate to you when or if you smoke? It is time to take back control and take control of your mind. You can do this! You are stronger than those cravings! You matter more than a cigarette! You are in control not your cravings. Yes it is a fight but you can master so keep thinking positive thoughts I think I can... I think I can ... I think I can ... I  know I can. If you want a coach we are here for you.