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Quit 81 days ago
Thanks everyone for the help and encouraging words:) made it thru day 1 with not too much discomfort.  Feeling a bit nauseous this morning after having a may be too strong. If I use it again, I'll just take half.  Learning lessons.
  • Green Meenie
    Quit 932 days ago
    May 16 @ 1:40 am
    Great stuff Karen! Learning lessons is how we built successful quits so, keep on doing what you're doing. One day at a time and one battle at a time. It does get easier as you get further along your quit path :) 
  • QuitCoach Stacey
    Quit 1,537 days ago
    May 16 @ 10:12 am
    Hi Karen.  Congratulations on making it through!  The cravings will lessen as time goes on.  The lozenges can be a very helpful aid in your quitting journey.  I see that you are finding it too strong.  Did you speak to your pharmacist about breaking them in half?  Keep us posted.  ~QuitCoach Stacey
    • Karen33
      Quit 81 days ago
      May 16 @ 6:59 pm
      I took 1/2 today after work, as I was having a strong craving. It worked great and didn't make me nauseous:)
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,259 days ago
    May 16 @ 12:25 pm
    Karen, learning lessons is what it's all about.  You've made through day one and that's huge and it will get much easier further into your quit.  Think of all the wonderful things you'll be able to do when you're free from cigarettes and all that money saved to reward yourself for a job well done.  You'll also reap the benefits soon, you may not feel them at first but they will be there.  Imagine being able to taste your food, smelling fresh air instead of the stale smoke and feeling healthy once again.  These are only a few, there are many many more.  I promise you won't regret it and if perchance you need us we'll be here to help in any way we can.  Hugs, Lucille.
  • DianneE
    Quit 314 days ago
    May 16 @ 3:34 pm
    Way to go Karen. If the lozenge doesn't work for you, I found the gum worked great.  Keep it up, you're doing great!