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Lucille Brown
Quit 1,548 days ago
The road to success is not straight: (Anonymous)
There is a curb called failure, a loop called confusion, speed bumps called friends, red lights called enemies, caution lights called family.  You will have flats called hardship.  But if you have a spare called determination, an engine called perseverance, insurance called faith and a driver called motivator you will make it to a place called success.  Happy quits everyone. 
Last reply: March 14, 2019 @ 10:53 am
  • M
    Quit 488 days ago
    March 13, 2019 @ 7:11 pm
    Lucille, I should have done this mich earlier, but thank you for your supportive practically helpful comments.  I know you have helped me, and I am sure many others!
  • Paul123
    Quit 506 days ago
    March 13, 2019 @ 7:13 pm
    Wow just over 3 years lucille! Your amazing! Your my idol haha thankyou so much for your continued and ongoing support for all of us... much love 😘😘😘
  • C
    Carole Doherty
    Quit 193 days ago
    March 13, 2019 @ 8:03 pm
    You are an inspiration to all of us......once again, Thank You Lucille !!
  • DianneE
    Quit 603 days ago
    March 14, 2019 @ 6:42 am
    Thank you Lucille.  Your timing, as always, is impeccable.  
  • j
    Quit 831 days ago
    March 14, 2019 @ 10:53 am
    Hear hear Lucille, look at how you are always helping all of us get through these stressful times!  Thanks as always.