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Quit 15 days ago
One week baby!  My last smoke was 10pm saturday February 2, and with the patch and reading these posts regularly I'm doing this!  I was a pack a day smoker,  and been smoking 24 years,  so I'm pretty pumped.  Question though,  I've been getting weird little mini anxiety attacks the last few days.  Could this be patch related? 
  • AndreaGQuit 1,237 days ago
    Congratulations!  Making it one week is awesome... you'll start to find it gets easier as you go I think  :-)  Sorry, no patch experience, just wanted to  congratulate you!  
    February 10 @ 9:49 pm
  • j
    judythebeautyQuit 360 days ago
    Congrats, way to go. About the anxiety, a number of us have experienced it since we quit, patch or no patch.
    February 10 @ 10:01 pm
  • Lucille BrownQuit 1,077 days ago
    Goobielt, take a deep breath, count to five and exhale when these little bouts of anxiety happen.  It's completely normal to have anxiety issues as you are no longer taking in all the toxins associated with cigarettes. That in itself can make you a little antsy.  Congrats on your one week quit.  That's totally awesome.  Keep us posted and all my best, Lucille.
    February 11 @ 6:22 am
  • QuitCoach KenQuit 13,943 days ago
    Hi Goobielt, while you could ask your pharmacist your question and you should for sure. This sounds more like a withdrawal symptom and it happens due to the lack of nicotine in your system.  However the good news is that it will  get weaker and weaker and further and further apart until it is only a mere thought which you do not have to act upon.   Congrats on your 8 days and before you know all forms of withdrawals should be gone completely.  If you have any more questions why not call a coach at 1-877-455-2233. Congrats again
    February 11 @ 3:04 pm
    • GoobieltQuit 15 days ago
      Thanks,  as a hearing impaired person the call line isn't practical for me,  but i love that it's there nonetheless!
      February 12 @ 1:12 pm
      • Lucille BrownQuit 1,077 days ago
        Goobielt, you can also speak to a coach by texting if you know how to. It's QUITNOW to 654321 or just post them on line.  I'm sure they deal with the hearing impaired as well .  Much love, Lucille.
        February 12 @ 2:22 pm
        • GoobieltQuit 15 days ago
          Oh cool,  i didn't know there was a text option!  That's awesome!
          February 12 @ 3:37 pm
  • L
    LaurenWQuit 46 days ago
    One week WAY TO GO!  The worst is very probably over.  That's something to celebrate.  Have you done something nice for yourself as a reward?
    February 12 @ 10:54 am
    • GoobieltQuit 15 days ago
      Not really.  Went to a hockey game with a friend and was nice to not have to pop out for a smoke,  but  haven't really rewarded myself yet with anything other then self pride  :) 
      February 12 @ 1:14 pm
      • L
        LaurenWQuit 46 days ago
        You deserve a treat!  
        February 12 @ 6:41 pm
  • GoobieltQuit 15 days ago
    Not sure if related or not,  but today I put the patch on my outer thigh and not a single one of those mini anxiety attacks so far!  Im glad for being a regular meditator,  as the breathing exercises really help in the tough moments,  which are not nearly as often as I'd expected.   The insomnia was a surprise though!
    February 12 @ 1:17 pm
  • Lucille BrownQuit 1,077 days ago
    That's okay Goobielt, we all dealt with the insomnia when we quit,  try to have a nap in the afternoon if you feel overly tired and it will get better soon.  Lucille.
    February 12 @ 2:24 pm
  • QuitCoach KenQuit 13,943 days ago
    Hey Goobielt  I would like to tell you that we do have TTY service for the hearing impaired and you can call 1-888-445-5788 and we can connect there for coaching session.  Give us a call or like Lucille says you can catch us online through chat and we can type back and forth there.
    Yesterday @ 9:40 am