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Quit 111 days ago
Hey all. I wanted to pop in and 'see' everyone, its been many days since I posted. Since then, I completed my trek to Everest base camp in Nepal. I struggled hugely with the altitude and awful dust, and though I completed the trek I was constantly the last person thanks to my ailing cardio. I struggled a lot with beating myself up about that. That said - as I spent my days gasping for breath and marveling at the Himalaya's I can honestly say I had zero desire for a smoke. Of course that changed once I sat in a café in Kathmandu and had a well-deserved beer with a vaping pal. And went back home to a boyfriend who smokes like every 20 minutes. I've had, in the 80 days of quit, about 11 smokes in total. Most of them I have been disgusted by, but the last couple  days I've had a resurgence of cravings to counter. I know my triggers, I'm still committed and strong, but I've also had bronchitis 3 times in a row this last few months. It kind of chokes me that I've not had positive reinforcement lung-wise here yet. So I'm going to see a doctor to assess why.....anyways, just wanted to reach out to you all. Happy 2019!
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,198 days ago
    January 12 @ 6:15 am
    Fool, congratulations on your quit and your trek to Everest.  You should be very proud of yourself.  I'm not going to lecture you on the 11 smokes you've had within the 82 days of your quit, but if you can avoid all cigarettes as they will trigger you back to smoking and one is never enough. Bronchitis can be quite serious when you're trying to leave this addiction behind and coughing is a way for your lungs to clear themselves of the toxins you've ingested over the years through smoking.  Please do see your doctor for an assessment. Better safe than sorry.  I know through your commitment and strength that you can do this, and through the help of this forum you'll succeed in leaving this addiction behind. Just keep us posted and please do consult with the quit coaches when you get a chance. They can be reached at 1-877-455-2233. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by giving them a call. Much love, Lucille.
  • S
    Quit 242 days ago
    January 12 @ 7:55 am
    There is an option to reset your "days quit" when you've relapsed.  I take pride that I've not had a cigarette or even a puff in the days posted.  I'm happy you're trying to quit, but if you're still smoking, you haven't really quit.  Certainly not 82 days straight.  Sorry to sound blunt, but that number means a lot to me and I imagine others on this forum.  
    • F
      Quit 111 days ago
      January 12 @ 11:04 am
      Thanks for your input it really provoked me to think. I certainly dont wish to disrespect anyones journey and what's important to them, but heres my own perspective. Quitting is a huge psychological trauma and so any tools we can use to reinforce a positive state of mind we need to enforce. For me, on Oct 22nd I declared myself a non smoker. This meant that I no longer built my life around smoking - buying a pack or two every single day, making sure I had lighters and ashtrays and could find places to hide from coworkers to smoke, there were so many ways that as a closet smoker I had to furtively sneak and feel shame. The relief I feel now is something I'm still working through. And so I'll keep my days thanks. They represent the good fight, and the identity I have now chosen to embrace. I hope you can respect that, and my apologies if it offends. Good luck on your journey we all need to support each other :)
  • DianneE
    Quit 253 days ago
    January 12 @ 8:08 am
    Hi Fool,
    Welcome back.  And congrats on 82 days.  And on your dream trek to Everest.  It must have been an awesome experience, despite the struggles.  I think you have seen an improvement lung-wise, you just are not recognizing it.  Would you have been able to do Everest as a smoker?  I'm thinking no.  And keep in mind, even though there are some recognizable benefits to not smoking, the most important ones that we will never see clear evidence of, is the fact that we are improving our chances of living a longer and healthier life. 
  • F
    Quit 233 days ago
    January 12 @ 9:21 am
    You are  climbing a mountain seriously 😳
     There is no way I could climb a mountain after smoking for 50 years    I can hardly make it up a flight of steps without being winded .  You must be young.   And I’m betting pretty bright too, so do you not have a cigarette !! that was always my downfall for falling off and starting smoking again .   The chemicals they put in the cigarettes do scary things to your brain please just don’t smoke anymore because before you know it 50 years will of gone by I have your smoking and you’ll still be smoking and wasting all that money and you will not be able to climb a mountain or run after your grandchildren .
    I know you can do it my mom always said I could do it and I have done it and I will never ever smoke again
  • j
    Quit 481 days ago
    January 12 @ 10:48 am
    Wow, congrats on your quit, and amazing job on your Everest trek!  Way to go.  I could never do that in a million years.