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Quit 4 days ago
I quit for over a year.  I had pneumonia and I wanted to try for a baby. I was successful quitting cold Turkey and became pregnant and thought I'd never smoke again.  When baby was born things were fine and then 4 months later I had a drink and gradually started smoking again. It's been 5 months of smoking again and I want to quit but I am finding it harder this time. I noticed yellow tartar on my teeth and my anxiety is pretty high after I seen it.  I don't even know where I'm going with this; I guess just to let it out and find some encouragement. 
Last reply: August 1 @ 11:48 am
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,615 days ago
    August 1 @ 8:09 am
    Auto,  it's an addiction that never quite lets go of you.  The nicodemon doesn't give up easily, he continues to throw his weight around when it comes to smoking and the only way you can really avoid him is to take control and tell him that he's no longer needed in your life.  Think of what you can do with the money you save by not buying ciga®ettes,  you can get your teeth whitened and have that beautiful smile again without the anxiety.  You have the strength and the power to do this.  Just reach out to the forum and the quit coaches and we'll support you and encourage you through the whole process.  For now you can read some of the previous posts to get ideas and tips on how to proceed.  You're never alone as we'll always be here if you need us.  Hugs and all the best, Lucille. 
    • Auto
      Quit 4 days ago
      August 1 @ 11:48 am
      Thank you so much. That really lifted me up xoxo