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Quit 104 days ago
Happy Valentines Day All.  I am smoke free for 3 months now.   Congrats to all who are on this journey.   Still going one day at a time.  On Step 3 of the patch and some days have not put it on.     I was a 10-15 a day smoker for quite a few years.     Glad my cat hid my last package of smokes on me 3 months ago.   I was on day 4 when I found them and gave them to a neighbour.   
Last reply: February 15 @ 3:39 pm
  • Blondiee13
    Quit 135 days ago
    February 14 @ 9:10 pm
    Good work Izzy19 reward yourself 
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,450 days ago
    February 15 @ 5:40 am
    Izzy,  smart cat you have there.  You're doing excellent at 3 months and we congratulate you as well.  Don't forget to reward yourself for a job well done.  You certainly deserve it.  Hope we hear more from you on your continuing journey and wishing you all the best for now and in the future.  Congratulations.  Hugs, Lucille. 
  • DianneE
    Quit 505 days ago
    February 15 @ 9:53 am
    That's awesome Izzy, huge high fives to you!  
  • j
    Quit 733 days ago
    February 15 @ 2:41 pm
    Way to go Izzy19, huge congrats.
  • GregD
    Quit 119 days ago
    February 15 @ 3:39 pm
    Congratulations Izzy, you are doing AMAZING! You smoked about as much as I did. NOPE