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Quit 83 days ago
Hey everyone - just popping in to celebrate my 2 week quit milestone! How are all the other newbies doing? I've noticed a big drop in cravings  this week and am now working hard to fill my time (especially in the evenings) so I don't think about smoking! Tonight I'm trying an interval training class at the gym - it'll be a bit of a slog but I'll be so pooped by the end, I'm sure I'll just want to come home to a warm shower and nice relaxing cup of tea afterwards ;-)
  • L
    LaurenWQuit 76 days ago
    Way to go!!  Please let us know how it feels to exercise as a non-smoker!  Today I am celebrating my first week quit, and I am feeling great!  
    January 10 @ 9:47 am
  • E
    EM1976Quit 83 days ago
    Hey LaurenW - Awesome! Congrats on one week!!
    January 10 @ 10:13 am
  • DianneEQuit 162 days ago
    Way to go EM.  You are doing great!  
    January 10 @ 10:49 am
  • Lucille BrownQuit 1,107 days ago
    Em, congratulations on your two week milestone. Hope you plan to reward yourself for a job well done. Enjoy that warm shower and lovely cup of tea. Much love, Lucille.
    January 10 @ 10:52 am
  • j
    judythebeautyQuit 390 days ago
    Congrats Em1976.
    January 10 @ 2:26 pm
  • QuitCoach StaceyQuit 1,385 days ago
    Congratulations, Em!  Thank you for popping in to share with us.  That is great that you have noticed a significant drop in cravings, that should be a huge incentive to keep pushing forward.  Smoking took up way too much of our time and yes, we now have to find other ways to fill it.  The exercise class is a great idea because you will be treating your body with kindness.  Keep up the great work!  ~QuitCoach Stacey
    January 10 @ 6:41 pm
  • PinkzQuit 125 days ago
    WTG EM that is awesome, it does get better, the cravings grow further apart, we have a greater sense of willingness to stay smoke free, you got this !!
    January 11 @ 1:14 pm
  • S
    SilverQuit 77 days ago
    January 12 @ 8:51 pm