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Quit 89 days ago
Well, just my luck, I ended up in the hospital last night with food poisoning. I was supposed to wake up early today and have one last smoke or vape and coffee. I also meant to pickup patches. I guess I'm just going to have my coffee and vape now at 5pm lol and then quit cold turkey.
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,288 days ago
    June 13 @ 6:01 am
    Tyler,  so sorry about your unfortunate turn of events.  Hope you feel better soon.  You can still get those patches or other nicotine products from your pharmacist.  Try to change your routine of having coffee in the morning if you've always smoked when you had a cup. Try tea instead or change the hour and room you drank it in.  Take care, Lucille.
    • T
      Quit 89 days ago
      June 13 @ 7:15 am
      Haha I still managed to stop yesterday. The problem is I can't go anywhere because I "live on the toilet" at the moment for lack of a better way to put it :(
  • j
    Quit 571 days ago
    June 13 @ 8:45 am
    Hope  you feel better, good luck.