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Quit 49 days ago
I've set a new quit date. Trying to not feel dissapointed that this isn't my first try. I completed Champix and still ended up smoking after all the craziness from the pills. I'm depressed thinking about quitting but excited all in the same. I need support to do this. 
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,198 days ago
    January 11 @ 11:45 am
    Destroymyhabit,  don't beat yourself up about it. Everybody has relapses every now and then and you can really learn from them. You have 21 days t o prepare although that may be a bit long to wait if you want to start soon. First of all cut down on the amount you smoke in preparation for your quit. Then pay a visit to your doctor or pharmacist for other options that may be available to help you.  Read some of the posts that ex quitters have written here to get some really good ideas on how to proceed. Last but not least, give the quit coaches a call at 1-877-455-2233 for some free advice and someone to coach you one on one . Good luck and much love, Lucille.
  • L
    Quit 167 days ago
    January 11 @ 9:59 pm
    My friend, I have attempted to quit literally a dozen times, and I also started smoking again after using Champix.  And here I am, quitting again!  Don't be hard on yourself.  Quitting usually takes a few tries to figure out what works for you, what unexpected triggers you have, how smoking fits into your psyche and your routines.  Three weeks before your quitdate is the perfect amount of time to start working on reframing your relationship to smoking and planning for your quit.  If you don't have a quitcoach yet, I highly recommend it!    For what it's worth, I'm using Zyban this quit and it is way less intrusive than Champix was.  You can totally do this, and we are all here to support you!
  • DianneE
    Quit 253 days ago
    January 12 @ 8:12 am
    Hi Destroy,
    The important thing is, is that you are still trying!  It takes most of us many attempts at quitting before we finally succeed, so you are not alone in that.  And welcome to the forum, a great place to get the support that you need.  Try to cut down in the next 20 days, that will give you confidence that you have control over your addiction and might help with the withdrawal.   Learn your 5 D's, and change up your routine.  Have a plan in place and learn about your addiction.  Knowing what you're up against and why you actually smoke will help you beat this.  Good luck.  
  • c
    Quit 156 days ago
    January 12 @ 9:01 am
    I've been with champix several times and also several times with the patch. on patch again. but this time I really want to try to quit. and hope to. I officially will start the 14th. as then I will be on the patch 1 wk and hopefully they work this time. gl
  • F
    Quit 233 days ago
    January 12 @ 9:31 am
    Hi I have a vision for you
     Imagine that you are 50 years old family is mostly grown have part time job and a Nother part time job your husband is on disability which is just been cancelled and you’ve had a backache for a couple of weeks you go to the doctor and the doctor sends you for an ultrasound and the ultrasound comes back with a diagnosis that you have a mass which starts at your oesophagus ,goes past your heart down into the bottom of your left lung which has collapsed .  
     How do you tell your husband and how do you tell your children and what is this and how am I going to mentally stay focussed until I find out what this is?   Then you get the diagnosis that it is a very aggressive cancer.
     This all happened to a younger lady that I work with and it has been my vision and my reason to stop because if one person has to go through that , something good has to come out of it even if the good is only me stopping smoking but God is much better than that and God has stopped the cancer from growing !!not only that ,God has made the cancer shrink and I pray every day for Theresa and I know she will be well . His plans are to prosper you and not to harm you .  
    I recommend trying the inhaler I tried that only and only needed it for one day.  Then I switched to skittles and chocolate covered almonds .   Yes I have gained 10 pounds through Christmas but that is to be expected because I sure ate a lot of sugar .  I am so very proud of myself and I am feeling so blessed. 
     Very best blessings on your journey 
    I know you can do it just keep setting that date to stop and don’t be afraid 
    just stop 🙏🤗
  • DianneE
    Quit 253 days ago
    January 12 @ 9:58 am
    Hi ForTheresa,
    I'm so very sorry for your friend, and hope she keeps improving.  And yes, it's a horrible way to stop smoking, but it's exactly the same reason why I did.  Too many people around me that are in my age group, are getting sick or dying from smoking related illnesses.  Keep going, you're doing great and you have every reason to feel proud of yourself.  
  • j
    Quit 481 days ago
    January 12 @ 10:51 am
    Destroymyhabit, I tried the Champix and it did work for me, although it makes me very sick.  I stuck with the entire thing for 3 months, so it finally worked.  Hopefully this next time will be your turn.