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Quit 110 days ago
Aaagggghhhh I really really want a cigarette
  • QuitCoach Melissa
    July 12 @ 6:01 am
    Congratulations on 12 days smoke-free, xiaoen!!  You've come a long way in your process.  Reassure yourself that this will pass.  Would you say that it's more of a physical craving or is there a specific trigger?  Take a moment to do some deep breathing or physical activity to help your body, then do something for yourself.  Taking care of yourself will be important during this time.  Remember we're here for extra support anytime by calling 1-877-455-2233.  
    • x
      Quit 110 days ago
      July 12 @ 7:50 am
      You guys are amazing. Thank you. I dont have any other support and have gone cold turkey so its tough and to have somewhere to vent like this is invaluable. Thank you
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,319 days ago
    July 12 @ 6:44 am
    xiaoen,  no you don't. That's the nicodemon at work.  Are you going to let him get in your way or are you going to send him back to where the sun don't shine.  You are in control and can do this.  Do you want to jeapordize what you worked so hard for?  It's really not worth it.  Take a deep breath, count to five and exhale,  say NOPE to yourself (Not One Puff Ever) and repeat it over and over until the craving passes.  As you get further into your quit, this will get so much easier to handle and you won't regret not have given in because you'll be on your way to freedom.  It's a work in progress and I really believe you can do this.  Hugs, Lucille.
    • x
      Quit 110 days ago
      July 12 @ 6:49 am
      Thank you. This really helps. Im not going to relapse and I know Ill get through this.
  • Karen33
    Quit 141 days ago
    July 12 @ 8:04 am
    Hang in there. It will pass. Go for a walk, go for a drive, eat anything...just don't smoke!
  • Green Meenie
    Quit 992 days ago
    July 12 @ 11:25 am
    You don't want a cigarette xiaoen, your nicotine addiction wants to be fed but you are a nonsmoker now so that's not going to happen. Literally thousands of times in past years your nicotine addiction demanded to be fed and you complied. Things have changed now and your addiction needs to learn who's in charge now .... YOU!
    The power is all in your hands now xiaoen. Your addiction is powerless now so it will try it's best to make you uncomfortable. Don't let it. You are also in control of your thoughts. Focus on the positives you are seeing now. More $$ in your pocket. improved sense of smell/taste. Not having to go out in inclement weather just to satisfy your addiction. That's freedom xiaoen; first time in years you've been free! Keep marching :)