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QuitCoach Ken
Quit 14,529 days ago
Greetings everyone, welcome to the forum! This is a tool where we share our stories, concerns, opinions, and tips that work for us. Please keep in mind that everyone is different and there is no one solution to any concern one.  A suggestion may work for me because I bought into that idea and surprise it worked for me. Others may have a situation that we are not aware of  where our solution is not for them. We are all experts in what worked for us.  So as we share our stories please provide your suggestions with respect and a perspective that this is what worked for me. Read the forum guidelines regularly. This is a great community of care and lets keep it that way. Thanks CareCoach Ken
Last reply: September 16 @ 10:21 am
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,663 days ago
    September 16 @ 10:21 am
    Well said QuitCoach Ken and thank you for all you and the other coaches do for us on the forum.  I appreciate all you do to keep us in line when we overstate our comments.  We may be a little too aggressive sometimes but we really mean no harm, we just care and want others to know that quitting smoking is a difficult journey but one that will improve their  health and their lives.  I couldn't have done it myself without the support of the forum and I appreciate each and every one here.  Thanks, Lucille.