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Quit 5 days ago
I am doing what, I need ;to do; to stay strong with Quitting Smoking
Last reply: November 21 @ 7:56 pm
  • QuitCoach Ken
    Quit 14,598 days ago
    November 21 @ 12:27 pm
    Excellent Sweetness 1986 I wish you well as you start your journey today. Everyone here is here to help so if you have any concerns bring them to the forum or speak with a coach at 1-877-455-2233 we are all here for you!
  • GregD
    Quit 401 days ago
    November 21 @ 12:54 pm
    There is no question you are strong enough, how badly do you want to quit is the variable! Millions have rid themselves of this scourge, why not us?? No good reason...
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,732 days ago
    November 21 @ 5:23 pm
    Sweetness, you're not alone,  everyone here has dealt with what you're going through now. It can be scary and there will be times when you'll be challenged but if you want it badly enough it will happen and when it does you'll feel so much better because the benefits far outweigh the obstacles you're going to face during your quit.  Believe in yourself  and take control, call the quit coaches at the number QuitCoach Ken gave you to help you formulate a plan that will be beneficial to you.  It won't cost you a penny and is well worth it.  Read the previous posts for ideas and tips that will help you on your journey to Freedom.  Follow the 4 D's-  Delay as the urge will pass wether you smoke or not.  Do deep breathing that will help with the cravings,  take a deep breath, count to ten and exhale.  Say Nope (Not One Puff Ever) .  Drink plenty of water to flush out the toxins.  Do something to take your mind off of your quit,  adult colouring, jigsaw puzzles,  crosswords or anything that you may enjoy doing.  Write things down in a journal so you can reread what occured to make you want to smoke so that you can avoid mistakes made that led to it. Take a 30 minute walk in the fresh air, do yoga or meditation.  You can also discuss your quit with any of us here on the forum ,  we'd be happy to help in any way we can.  Hugs, Lucille.
  • 1
    Quit 12 days ago
    November 21 @ 7:56 pm
    Awesome! How long has it been?