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Don Fraser
Quit 135 days ago
4 month celebration today.    But I have only begun to quit smoking.    I realize that I always have ro be aware that I will be tempted to smoke every day.     So now I dump the stage 3 patch and in a few days, the lozenge.    I want to be nicotine-free and truly quit.    Onward HO!
Last reply: February 14 @ 6:34 pm
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,450 days ago
    February 14 @ 7:19 am
    Good decision on your part Don.  If you can do it then you'll be truly nicotine free and you deserve it for all the hard work you put into your quit.  Hugs, Lucille.
  • Green Meenie
    Quit 1,123 days ago
    February 14 @ 8:20 am
    Congrats Don! 4 Months is HUGE! Remember to reward yourself for this amazing milestone 🤗
  • GregD
    Quit 119 days ago
    February 14 @ 12:44 pm
    Slow and steady wins the race Don. Super congrats on 4 months!
  • O
    Quit 9 days ago
    February 14 @ 2:28 pm
    Congratulations on your 4 month milestone!!🎉
  • Q
    QuitCoach Genevieve
    Quit 2,113 days ago
    February 14 @ 4:07 pm
    Way to go! Amazing :)
  • I
    Quit 104 days ago
    February 14 @ 6:34 pm
    Congrats Don on 4  months!