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Quit 116 days ago
Hey fellow quitters! I'm 19 days in and feeling great. I've stopped coughing in the mornings. I have more energy. I haven't had a headache. I've noticed my relationship with my partner has improved as i'm not so irritable in the mornings. I could go all day on what feels good since i quit. Although temptation always kicks in, remember cravings don't last very long. Stay strong and remember NOPE. Not One Puff Ever. It only took one cigarette to get addicted in the first place, and it'll only take one cigarette to fall off the bandwagon. 
  • QuitCoach Ken
    Quit 14,154 days ago
    June 12 @ 3:56 pm
    Hi Couch you are so right in what you have said and congrats on your 19 days quit! Another good tip to maintain your quit is to take on an attitude of gratitude. Celebrate every benefit that comes your way. Being thankful very every small blessing like coughing less, increase relationship, decrease irritableness can really help maintain your quit so count your benefits and see what being smoke free has done for you and you won't want to go back.  Kudos to you, celebrate!
  • Karen33
    Quit 110 days ago
    June 12 @ 5:55 pm
    Way to go Couch!! That's awesome and very inspiring!
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,288 days ago
    June 13 @ 5:56 am
    Couch, congratulations on 19 days quit.  Soon you'll be at one month and it does get easier the further into your quit.  By now, you'll be reaping many other benefits that will extend your health for the better and also your life.  Beware though of the nico demon, he'll always be around to tempt you. Just tell him to take a hike.   In the meantime, reward yourself for your hard earned efforts.  Hugs, Lucille.