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Quit 257 days ago
If a bear were to symbolize nicotine and you and I were out walking a trail. Should the bear charge us, I wouldn't have to outrun the bear but I'd have to be faster than you. If you have a bad moment and start smoking, it only triggers my sorrow that you've relapsed. I'm going to continue with my quit with or without your relapses cause the sun always rises in the morning whether I've had a smoke the night before or not:) Be strong my friends- cravings pass!!
Last reply: June 29 @ 6:09 pm
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,588 days ago
    June 29 @ 11:49 am
    Thanks for the lesson in humility Greg,  I'll be sure not to run into that bear.  Besides I have too much to gain.  Listen up people, relapses are not excuses to give up on your quit, they are lessons learned and you have so many benefits to look forward to.  So learn from it and continue on, as you'll get there eventually and freedom is the best feeling in the world,  one day and one step at a time.  Hugs all, Lucille.
  • Green Meenie
    Quit 1,261 days ago
    June 29 @ 6:09 pm
    Each of us quits for ourselves first. That's not a selfish thing it's called survival! Feel proud that you have weathered the storm better than some others. It pains us all to see people falling by the wayside. It's frustrating when you know just how fantastic quitting and remaining quit really is but we each have to find our own time for quitting. You know what it takes Greg, just like we all do. It's a battle but a winnable one when our time is right and we want it more than anything else. All we can do is try to support and inform others so perhaps they can fight their own personal battle a little more wisely based on our passed down experiences.