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Lucille Brown
Quit 1,107 days ago
Faith and hope go hand in hand when you want to do something with your life that will improve your overall sense of self.  Faith can be your greatest source of strength, courage and determination.  When you have faith in yourself, you can do whatever you need to.  Even a little hope goes a long way. It will help troubles pass, because they always do. And when you have hope you realize just how far your can keep going and that everything will be okay. You are important to everyone who cares about you.  Lucille.   Instant aah..."I have always been delighted at the prospect of a new day, a fresh start, with perhaps a bit of magic waiting somewhere behind the morning."--J.B. Priestley.
  • PinkzQuit 125 days ago
    Awesome quote Lucille, you are a star !!
    January 11 @ 1:08 pm
  • j
    judythebeautyQuit 390 days ago
    Thanks for the boost Lucille!
    January 12 @ 10:35 am
  • S
    SilverQuit 77 days ago
    JB I loved what you wrote thank you
    January 12 @ 7:32 pm
  • G
    GgitzQuit 66 days ago
    I think that attachment to faith is what I've been lacking in most of my prior attempts. Thank you for the reminder :)
    January 12 @ 10:32 pm