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My last cigerette was on Jan. 6, 2019. I have not had a cigerette in 34 days..Feel fantastic!  A few cravings a day, and I mean a few.. yesterday I could recall does get easier each day...Love being a non smoker!!!
  • Lucille BrownQuit 1,077 days ago
    Maloney, wow 34 days is fantastic. Good on you and keep it up. Lucille.
    February 12 @ 7:45 am
  • j
    judythebeautyQuit 360 days ago
    Way to go Maloney L, congrats on your 5 weeks.
    February 12 @ 9:00 am
  • L
    LaurenWQuit 46 days ago
    Woooo!  Way to go!!
    February 12 @ 6:38 pm