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Don Fraser
Quit yesterday
I'm not going to give up, folks.       A week, a month, or a few of each, I'll try again.     And I'll stay with just the patch this time.    Last time I had the patch and the lozenge and it was just too much nicotine to come off of.       I've had a little time to contemplate what happened and with the support from all of you, I'll be back in the ring before too long.     I just need time to think.     Happy quitting out there!
Last reply: June 4 @ 11:25 pm
  • GregD
    Quit 257 days ago
    June 2 @ 5:23 pm
    Any time Don, you know you are always welcome!
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,588 days ago
    June 2 @ 6:36 pm
    I know Don that you won't give up,  you're too smart for that.  Looking forward to hearing from you again soon.  Lots of hugs, Lucille.
  • Shannon C
    Quit 280 days ago
    June 2 @ 7:14 pm
    Keep on keeping on Don. You got this.👍
  • h
    Quit 308 days ago
    June 3 @ 8:35 am
    We're all waiting for the day you tell us you're back at the fight again because we know you will be.  You were very instrumental in my own quit as i loved reading about your day to day journey which helped me immensely with my own.  I know how incredibly hard it can be so don't beat yourself up- just pick yourself up, and jump right back on that horse when you're ready.  Good luck, and i'll be checking in to see your new story!
  • ThomasY
    Quit 106 days ago
    June 4 @ 11:25 pm
    Hey man, it takes a strong person to admit when they lost a battle. Just remember you will win the war!