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Lucille Brown
Quit 1,588 days ago
You deserve good things!  You were born to win! Winners are problem -solvers who face challenges with courage.  That absolutely describes all of you. Winners keep trying, which all of you do.  Winners believe in themselves, which you have no reason not to.  And winners have faith that they will achieve their goals -which yours are destined to! Believe that deep within you is all the strength you need to see you through and you will find it.  (WW) 
Last reply: June 29 @ 3:32 pm
  • QuitCoach Ken
    Quit 14,454 days ago
    June 29 @ 3:32 pm
    Thanks Lucille for the  lovely pep talk and positive talk is very powerful not only to motivate others but to motivate ourselves. It is my hope that people will take to heart the things you have said and apply it to themselves when they are going though tough times. We are winners, we can do this,  we can meet our goal for today.  "I think I can, I think I can,  I know I can" quote from the children's book {The train who thought he could} Believe like you can, Act as like you did it and  Celebrate! Thanks Lucille for the lovely motivational boost!