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Quit 18 days ago
Question for those of us that are using quit smoking aids. Are we prolonging the hard part? I know i could not get through quitting without them, but i want to know i wont always be so intense on needing them. Some days i feel ok, some days i need more. Am just prolonging the physical withdrawl symptoms? I know they are helping with the mental withdrawl.
Quoted in my feed "How are you coping with withdrawal? Remember that physical withdrawal symptoms usually only last between 7 to 10 days and quit smoking aids can greatly reduce the intensity of the symptoms!"
Last reply: October 16 @ 8:30 pm
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,691 days ago
    October 15 @ 12:41 pm
    Arcaydia,  nicotine replacement products are only temporary until you feel that you can do without them.  Some of us have used them for the first two weeks of our quits and then went cold turkey.  Though difficult it was doable. There are different steps that will help you gradually withdraw from them so you start off at the highest one and gradually stave off at the lowest.  It’s much better than smoking and may take a little time but will eventually be easier to quit.  You’ve only just started your quit so keep using them for now.  You can also wean yourself off of them by taking them every second day and replacing them with say mints and so on until you don’t need them anymore.  Hugs,Lucille. 🤗👍🚭👏🎗
  • M
    Quit 12 days ago
    October 15 @ 1:04 pm
    I was kind of wondering the same thing. Some say you aren’t truly quitting if you’re using replacements but I feel/smell cleaner already and the thought of lighting up a dirty cigarette rather than a puff from an inhaler doesn’t appeal anymore.  I’m hopeful in the coming weeks I can completely wean off of nicotine but for now, I believe if anything is helping you quit the habit of cigarettes you’re better off! Good luck!
    • J
      Quit 31 days ago
      October 15 @ 5:03 pm
      Agreed Miss :)
  • J
    Quit 31 days ago
    October 15 @ 4:38 pm
    I came off nicotine gum 3 days ago but it was easy because  the mint gave me heartburn.  I know they have fruit flavor but I cant have citrus either. Decided it was time to rid my body forever of that nasty addictive substance! 
    Still taking zyban twice a day though... it works great for me.
  • C
    Quit 40 days ago
    October 16 @ 8:30 pm
    I am glad for the quit supports. I had the same worries. I could not have done it without the patch and gum. Today 32 days and off the patch and chew gum twice a day dont need more. Not quitting gum it's better than smoking. But 2 pieces of nic gum a day is nothing. Today I had only 1 piece. I think it is becoming more phycological.  The withdrawl happens with or without but makes quitting more possible with the supports in my book.