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Sarah Bernier
Quitting in 8 days
I have quit on and off for a few years, the longest being almost 6 years and I'm sick of the way it makes me feel. I feel like I need it but it makes me feel horrible afterwards. My anxiety worsens. I want to start running again but know I can't if I am smoking.
Last reply: October 19 @ 9:45 am
  • Lucille Brown
    Quit 1,691 days ago
    October 18 @ 6:22 am
    Sarah, have you by any chance read Allan Carr's "Easy Way To Stop Smoking" it's full of information on why we smoke and how our brains operate when we're trying to quit.  It's worth reading if you haven't already done so.  The nicodemon has a grasp on all of us wether we have quit or not.  Taking control is difficult but doable all the same.  By using all the tools available to you on the forum you stand a wonderful chance of meeting the challenge head on and succeeding.  I've heard of people quitting for ten years and then starting again.  It's not unheard of and as Green Meenie says, we're all addicts up to a certain point.  Taking your life back, enjoying the fruits of your labour and having extra money in your pocketbook are some of the many benefits that help with your decision.  The others far more complex are better health,  better lung function and many more that you may not feel but that happen all the same.  You probably already know the many diseases associated with it and I'm sure don't want to be reminded of what they consist of but you and only you can be proactive and take charge.  You may want to call the quit coaches for one on one help at 1-877-455-2233.  At no cost to you it's totally worth it and may give you the help you need to get past the most difficult days, weeks, months and years.  I promise, no,  guarantee that you won't regret it.  NOPE is a fantastic mantra and there are many other tips and ideas on the forum.  Take advantage and use it for as long as you need. We're here to help, support and encourage you.   Hugs and welcome, Lucille. 
  • B
    Quitting in 8 days
    October 19 @ 9:45 am
    I recommend Allen Carrs’ program. It is based on the premise of brainwashing. 
    As you follow the program, you lose the desire to smoke and there is no withdrawal, no weight gain. 99% is brainwashing and 1% is physical.
    When you smoke you are not “getting a hit of nicotine” you are depleting oxygen to your brain. It feels like a “hit” but it not true. Please check out his program, it is on sale for another four days. I started it yesterday and already I am seeing the brainwashing effect. It is enlightening.