View our frequently asked questions below.

  • What's this all about?

    We’re challenging smokers in BC to quit for just 24 hours to quit smoking. That’s it. Quit for 24 hours, enter to win a prize. 

  • What’s the catch?

    We want you to quit smoking, and the research tells us that the more times you try the more likely you are to succeed. We know most smokers (about 70%) want to quit, but we also know that many of you struggle to find the spark of motivation to actually go for it. That's what Tobacco Free Tuesdays is all about --  that extra nudge needed to turn a plan into action. 

  • What if I don't have an email?

    If you don't have an email, just quickly make an account on any email site (it is usually free to make an email account), and you'll then be able to sign up!

  • How do I enter the contest?

    All you have to do is sign up and take the pledge on our  home page, and then stay smoke-free from 00:00am on the first Tuesday of the Month, to 11:59pm that night. Entrants can only sign up once. The winner(s) will be announced the following day. 

  • Who is eligible to enter?

     You can enter Tobacco Free Tuesdays, if you are:

    • A current smoker or tobacco user, or someone who quit in the last three months. 
    • A BC resident.
    • Over 19 years of age.

    Note: Contestants are permitted to use nicotine replacement therapies (e.g. patch, gum, inhaler or lozenges) during the contest period.

  • Are people who chew tobacco eligible?

    Yes, this contest is open to all tobacco users who want to quit. To be eligible win you must quit all forms of tobacco for 24 hours. 

  • Do I have to use QuitNow Services to participate?
    No, you do not.  However, all QuitNow services – including phone, text, and our website— are all completely free and have been proven to increase your chances of quitting successfully. Give them a try today!  
  • What are the prizes?

    The prize is $250. The prize varies each month so check back.

  • How will a winner be selected?

    The winner(s) will be chosen at random by the BC Lung Association. 

  • Who hosts the contest?
    QuitNow is run by the BC Lung Association.
  • When will the winners be announced?

    The winner will be contacted the day after the contest date, June 2.

    Providing that the selected winners proves to have remained smoke-free for the full 24 hours of the contest,  their names will be announced publicly later that day. 

    However, another day or two may be required if any of the winners do not qualify for any reason, and so additional winner(s) need to be contacted and confirmed. 

  • Who are the past winners?

    February 2020: Rachel Chalmers

    January 2020: Jessica Bramming

    December 2019: Amy Burgess

    November 2019: Rajan Sharma

    October 2019: Chris Shin

    September 2019: Dzitka Edwards

    August 2019: Roy MacDonald

    June 2019: Andrea Engelsjord

    May 2019: Ashley Stevens

    March 2019: Candice Markham

    February 2019: Desiree Anthony 

    January 2019: Martina Woodward

    December 2018: Jillian Taylor

    November 2018: Cheryl Imayoshi

    October 2018: Dayna Wagner

    September 2018: Tracy Wood

    August 2018: James Iwasuk

    July 2018: Raymond Hickey

    June 2018: Robert Wright

    May 2018: Tori Cartwright

    April 2018: Judy Hollingsworth

    March 2018: Pam Hildebrand

    February 2018: Natasha Hillyer

    January 2018: Maureen St Louis

    December 2017: Glen Adams

    November 2017: Shari Fowler

    October 2017: Tamara Loyer

    September 2017: Corey Nicholson 

    August 2017: Conrad Springer 

    July 2017: Catherine Devine 

    June 2017: Lyle Descoteaux 

    February 2017: Terence Tseng, Stephanie Spencer, Stephanie Robinson 

    January 2017: Alissa Bailey, Wanda Aldred, Simon Jim

    December 2016: Brendan Caput, Jaeun Yoo, Keith Monkman

    November 2016: Michelle Cherney

    October 2016: Judy Thomas

    September 2016: Ron Atkinson

    August 2016: Donna Williams

    July 2016: Brian Williams

    June 2016: Marlene Ring

    May 2016: Amanda Watt

    April 2016: Julie G of Chiliwack

    March 2016: Sharren Grant of Courtney

    February 2016: Sian R of Vancouver

    January 2016: Tanya L of Victoria