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Quit 45 days ago
These last few days were fairly difficult, big cravings, a flu shot and a pneumonia shot, chest x-ray came back fairly good except for the COPD that shows.  I have been trying to maintain my happy, bubbly attitude about being smoke-free but to tell you the truth I have had to sit on my hands the last few days to not drive to the gas station and pick up cigarettes, I have been yelling NOPE to myself which seems to get my attention (for a few minutes anyway) BUT today is another day I wish every one a happy and smoke-free day and I wish that for myself too !!
Quit 68 days ago
Thanks to all who commented on my post regarding NRT. Just to clarify for everyone, I didn’t know about the time restrictions, and I was trying to stop my dependence on nicotine and I only thought of returning to the patch based on the advice of my doctor who thought it might help me deal with depression. I’m okay without the patch and if I needed it I could buy it for myself. I still think it’s a bit of a problem with communication between the pharmacist and the program.
Quit 1,115 days ago
Welcome to all the new quitters!  It's great to 'meet' new people here.  I just passed my third 'quitaversary' - freedom is wonderful  :-)  For those of you who are early in your quit process, you might question your decision, but believe me, no one ever regrets quitting.  You CAN do this!  It might not be easy at first, but nothing worth doing is... and this is SO worth it.  
Robert John Hall
Quit 93 days ago
Hello. I went and seen my doctor today and he sent me to the hospital to get x-rays on my lungs. I will see him again in 2 weeks for another check up. Hopefully my health is okay. Other than that I am trying to stay calm and relaxed. My sister should return this weekend I hope as I am missing seeing her on a daily basis. Hope everyone has a great day.
Quit 68 days ago
Spoke with quit coach Sarah to discuss an issue I had with the program for NRT.  Apparently you have to take the medication within a certain time line. If you’re taking advantage of this program I recommend you check all the restrictions ahead of time so you don’t get fooled like I did. Get the information ahead of time and you’ll do yourself a favour.
Quit 39 days ago
Hi Everyone:  It has been 37 days for me that I quit smoking.  I've had some highs and lows but keep reminding myself why I wanted to quit smoking.  I got a mani and pedi after work as a gift for making it this far.  I try to be conscious throughout the day of reasons why I quit.  For instance, I was on the elevator today and a smoker got on after me.  I knew they were a smoker because the elevator stank of smoke.  It's amazing that when I was a smoker I never realized how I was polluting the air for everyone around me.  I also see people go outside in awful weather, huddled together smoking on their breaks.  I am so glad I'm inside where it is dry and warm.  I want to thank everyone on the forum for their posts.  Your stories and words of encouragement help me immensely.  
Lucille Brown
Quit 955 days ago
Unity is strength... when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved. (Mattie Stepanek)  The starting point of all achievement is desire. Have faith and believe that you can do anything if you trust in yourself and are prepared to try.  Lucille.
Robert John Hall
Quit 93 days ago
Hello everyone. My nicotine anonymous book came in the mail yesterday. Started reading it this morning and realized a few things I did not know. Smoking can cause emphysema and pneumonia. My father being a smoker died of pneumonia but I never realized it was due to smoking that he got pneumonia. I already have shortness of breath due to smoking as I find it difficult to breathe going uphills and stairs. Hopefully this gets better now that I do not smoke. Only time will tell and I will pass on more information as I learn as much as I can about the effects of smoking. Have a great smoke free day everyone.
Quit 2 days ago
I only smoke one cigarette a day but it has started to bother me how addicted I am to the cigarette. I'm going to quit tomorrow to better me. 
Quit 10 days ago
Good Morning All,
Today marks the end of my first week.  According to statistics, today I am 9 times more likely to succeed in my quit than I was yesterday.  A confidence booster.  However, I have to admit that last night I was up for 2 hours wanting a cigarette. I was vacillating back and forth as to whether I should just jump in a cab (I don't drive) and go to a convenience store and pick up a pack of cigarettes.  I didn't.  Positive thinking is what is going to help us all through this journey and I recognize that there are going to be times that I just can't manage being optimistic.  Today is better.  And tomorrow will be better still.  
Lucille, I read all of your posts to other members, and I really want to thank you for all of your encouragement and support.  It's amazing that you have quit for three years and are still on this forum offering words of support to us all.  I'd like to hear your story.  Were you always this strong?  Even at the beginning of your quit?