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The QuitNow Team
Quit 558 days ago
At QuitNow, we always want to support you in your quitting journey. Right now, there’s a lot happening with vaping and there’s so much information floating around. We want you to know that the Government of Canada is currently investigating the severe vaping-related lung illness. While this investigation continues, we recommend holding off from using vaping products, particularly those with THC.
If you're using e-cigarettes, monitor yourself for symptoms and seek immediate care if they are present. QuitNow now offers services to help you quit or reduce vaping. For more information on services and vaping, click here:
Last reply: November 20 @ 8:10 am
Quitting today
My chest hurts and im constantly reeking of cigarettes.  If i don't start right now i think i may be in bad shape.
Quit 29 days ago
Just realized I went through all of yesterday and this morning and had not even thought about smoking : ) ...heading out for my walk ,happy smoke free day to ALL 🦋
Last reply: 4 h ago
Johnny Hu
Quit 29 days ago
Good morning everyone, today is my day 29, and this is a special morning for me because my wife complemented me before I left for work.  This is the first time she verbally cheered me up and hoping I can continue.  I think it is important for people around to understand the difficulties we can when quitting, and gain their support. 
I know I will continue to be a smoke free person.
Last reply: 4 h ago
Don Fraser
Quit 57 days ago
Hello fellow quitters - Well, I'm two days short of two months and it's still really tough.     Only had a morning meeting today at work, but it was difficult to get through.   I really wanted a smoke.    But NOPE!     I am a smoke-free human being and that's the way it's gotta be.    I'm pretty optimistic about this.   I find that I'm having to re-define myself every day as being smoke-free.    It's still got a hook in me; it's like it's who I was, as a person.       Now there's another person.....still searching the meaning of life.
Last reply: 3 h ago
Quit 92 days ago
Yesterday I marked 3 months smoke-free and am thrilled about that! But one stumbling block -  I haven't been able to lose the nicotine patch yet. This is a 10 week program, and I'm currently on week 14. Not really recommended to go over apparently.. but I'm afraid of a relapse without it.  I've been using each patch for 2 days, but just can't seem to go any longer. Every other aspect of my quit is going really well, getting through challenges.. but am disappointed I can't get through this one.  Gotta give up the nicotine to be free of it's grip. Guess after 50-plus  years of dependency  it's going to take longer than I imagined. And with the holidays almost here.. thinking likely it will be in the New year now.
Last reply: 4 h ago
Quit yesterday
I’m tired of all the money I spend on nicotine replacement going to try cold turkey 
Last reply: 4 h ago
Green Meenie
Quit 1,045 days ago
Portrayal of how addiction attracts us, entraps us and in the end negatively affects us. Applies to any addiction, including nicotine addiction. Nuggets.
(Copy and paste to your web browser to watch)
Last reply: 1 h ago
Carole Doherty
Quit 17 days ago
Well It's day 17 today, Yeah ! Having a rough few days though as I picked up a cold that went into my chest and it's really making me feel crappy. Perhaps that and sore muscles are all part of the "smoker's flu" ?? Anyway, I am positively sure that I will never smoke again as I don't want to go through these first few weeks again ever..... I'll stick to the mantra, NOPE NOPE NOPE !! Looking forward to being a non-smoker. I hope everyone is doing well and it is so nice to know that we are not going through this alone. Keep up the good work everyone and stay is soo worth it 😊💕
Last reply: 25 m ago
Quitting in 27 days
I truly enjoy smoking and find it very hard to give up. It helps me deal with stress and gives me a break in my day when I really need it. It helps me collect my thoughts and be more productive. However, I also smoke out of boredom when watching TV or on the computer. I know I have to quit but a part of me doesn't want to. I'm scared on some level that once I quit, I'll be diagnosed with multiple health problems I don't have now but I know will definitely have if I don't quit. It's a hard psychological game going on in my head but the biggest block I have is that I have to do this for myself and not because others want me to. If I don't do it for myself, I don't think I'll succeed. I have quit before (cold turkey for 4 years) but once I was in a different environment around others who were smoking I went right back to it. I've tried quitting or thought about quitting many, many times since then but have never really put the effort into doing it. Now, at age 50, I have to seriously mentally and physically work at quitting if I want to continue living a relatively healthy life. I'm scared, nervous and anxious about quitting but I have to do this for myself. I owe it to myself.
Last reply: 4 h ago