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Quit 27 days ago
Hello all. I’m so hyper emotional this week (week 4 of quit). Getting teary easily...both the happy and the sad type. Has anyone gone through this stage during your quit?
Quit 48 days ago
One month and 18 days:) Amazing, since I smoked for 25 years and would consider myself extremely addicted. I've tried to quit about 5 times over the past 15 years, but with no real success. This time feels different and I really feel like I can do this
Quitting in 17 days
I ready to quit but stress is making it hard.
Quitting in 5 days
My quit date is this Monday July 22, I am using champix. Does anyone have any advice on quiting while on these pills. 
Thank you 
Quit yesterday
Hi everyone, I was at the hospital last night.....couldn't breathe...after x=ray and the doc listening to my breathing I have a lung infection, and pneumonia. Not to mention diabetes which gives me heart troulble. I am 62 and suffering the effects of a 60 pack years habit. I have a pulmanary lung function test on the appointment with a respirologist in Aug, and a nuclear stress test of my heart in Sept. You younger people out there please take note that this habit is a killer. Don't smoke 60 pack years. Find a way to stop. I keep trying to stop but I am heavily addicted. I am also bi=polar which doesn't help. Day 2 now. Best of luck ( although I don't think luck has much to do with it )   Please stop smoking for my sake. Cheers Paul
Quit 34 days ago
It’s been over a month now. I seem to be getting crankier and crankier. Very snappy. Is this normal at this stage?
Rheana Yost
Quitting in 4 days
I need help to quit smoking 
Quit 2 days ago
My first quit date was Jun 8 - I did good for about 2 1/2 weeks - the collapsed - not just a couple - all the way.  So, here I am again - new quit day yesterday (July 15) - my best non-smoking friend says "don't quit being a quitter!" 
Quit yesterday
I have been smoking for three years now after having quit successfully for a long time. I have been trying to quit for a year now with no success. I can go a month, but then I relapse. I want to quit for good. I am focusing my efforts now on self-care but have this anxiety that won't leave me alone. I am hoping that this group will help me with support. I am going to try acupuncture today for the first time to see if it helps with relief from stress and anxiety and am working on an exercise plan and diet plan to help me as well. I have moved to a new town recently and haven't made any friends yet so I am trying to start back with running to help me and will join a running group as soon as I find confidence in my own ability. I haven't run since I started smoking. A car accident forced me to cease my usual activities of running, biking and snowboarding. I long for my old life. 
Robert STOP smoking!
I have been smoking for 50+ years .... and I have nearly the same comments listed by the following 'quitters' ,,,, AGAIN I was not successful ... it seems I'm on the right track, a would REALLY like to quit; BUT over the years it seems some personal family problem interrupts and gets me started again.