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Lucille Brown
Quit 1,615 days ago
Just a reminder to some of you who think that after a few months quit,  you no longer need worrying about smoking again. That's simply not true,  remaining vigilant pays off in the long run.  That darn nicodemon can still sneak up on you when you least expect him and tempt you once again.  Remind yourself to keep an eye out for him throughout your lifetime if need be.  It just makes sense if you're prepared,  to face off with him one more time.  This addiction is a lot harder to deal with than most,  it never really fades but if you're determined and admit that you're vulnerable you stand a very good chance of paying attention to what's going on around you and fighting for what you worked so hard to achieve.  You are much stronger now than you've ever been.  Believe in the power of you, trust in yourself and do what's right for your health,  you have control over anything that may present itself in the long run.  Freedom is yours for the taking.  Stay safe and well.    
Last reply: 32 s ago
Quit 33 days ago
It's been a month since I quit smoking, I don't really think of smoking or have cravings any more, which is fantastic! Keep on keeping on!
Last reply: Yesterday @ 7:59 pm
It’s time
Thinking about quitting
Struggled for years, bad cough, two smokes left 😬
Last reply: Yesterday @ 8:02 pm
Quit 3 days ago
Day 3 and I have been enjoying my dreams I was in an action film where God was fighting my battles for me and it feels real good to get to day three without severe withdrawal. I guess it pays to never give up. Praise God
Last reply: Yesterday @ 9:17 pm
Lynn T.
Quit yesterday
I'm awfully good at quitting.  I'm just not good at permanently quitting! I find I am short of breath when I work in the garden - need to get my breath back.
Last reply: 3 h ago
Quit 10 days ago
I am off the patches, they don't make me feel good.  I am doing this!  Printed off my certificate this week, it felt good.  
Last reply: Yesterday @ 12:16 pm
Shannon C
Quit 307 days ago
Well another milestone certificate earned. I always post the breakdown of my challenge. 10 months,  $4575 dollars saved, but best of all 7625 cigarettes not smoked....thats the best part of all. 
To all that are struggling to quit or stay can be done. As I move from month to month, its getting easier and easier to move forward. 
Happy quit everyone, stay strong
Hugs to you all
Last reply: Yesterday @ 11:23 am
Don Fraser
I'm thinking really hard about why I want to quit and the benfits I'll gain.      I want to treat myself with respect and even though I quit and started again 3 times in the last year, I want the next one to be the last, as many of the folks here have expressed.    I know it's not impossible and, when the time is right, I'll do it again.        Happy quits everybody!
Last reply: August 7 @ 7:45 pm
Shannon C
Quit 307 days ago
Has anyone seen Blondie lately.???
Last reply: August 7 @ 3:01 pm
Sun Sahota
Quit yesterday
having a real hard time quitting, I have the patches but still go for the smokes too. not at the same time but its there..
Last reply: August 7 @ 7:46 pm