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Quit 250 days ago
8 months has come and gone, so glad I have stayed the course and am continuing this quit. I have had a few moments where I thought about how nice it would be to have one, but am always reminded how disgusting those cancer sticks are. This site really helped me in the early days and I remember wanting to read everyone's stories to see how they progressed. You guys can do it! I haven't smoked 2500 smokes, crazy to me, mind boggling even. Saved 1400 and loving every minute of it :)
Last reply: 5 h ago
Quitting tomorrow
Been smoking for a few years and have set my date in two days. I’ve tried and failed numerous times but need to quit. Going cold turkey as it’s best results I’ve gotten. Any additional coping trips and tricks would be helpful 
Last reply: 3 m ago
Quitting in 4 days
I’ve been smoking for just under 20 years I’m also a chef and it helps me relieve stress and gives me a break and I love smoking but I also love playing sport it’s really affecting this and my health. I’ve set 5 days till I quit for the first time. 
Last reply: 26 m ago
Quit yesterday
Well I slipped. I have come back to this community to get more support as this pandemic has created me to start this earful habit again. I really hate that I have reset the clock but would love any helpful tips or programs that could work to get me back on track! 
Last reply: 45 m ago
Quitting in 2 days
Hi, I don't master the ability to talk about myself and I am a bit shy with sharing personal stories, however, I got frustrated enough lately that I would do anything to quit smoking for good, I have been trying for 5 years, I tried many replacement methods, if they have helped me with anything it would be getting back to smoke! Cold turkey worked best for me but for some reason I lacked persistence, I think that's why we are here!
The funny story is that my husband doesn't smoke and never did! And here I am can't complete 3 hours without it! 
Last reply: 59 m ago
Quit 401 days ago
$7,000 bucks saved O.M.G.
Last reply: 4 h ago
Quit 2 days ago
Day 2! I slipped yesterday, but only 6 compared to 20! Still committed but trying to distract myself this morning
Last reply: Yesterday @ 12:36 pm
Kay J
Quitting in 4 days
I’ m having a hard time deciding on a quit day. I know there really is no better time than right now, so........ I chose Dec. 8. Any tips on how to prepare for a smoke free life? What most helped you prepare?
Last reply: Yesterday @ 12:26 pm
Quit 2 days ago
i have been smoking for at least 55 years and I love but have to quit. I have tried 1,875,543 before hopefully be successful this time.
Last reply: December 2 @ 7:00 pm
Quit 94 days ago
Wow!!!keep up the hard work everyone love reading the posts! I made it to my 3 month mark 😊quitting cold turkey wasn’t easy but we can do anything we set our minds to. I miss it at times because that was my crutch my alone time to de stress but then I take a deep breath which is my constant reminder why I quit and it feels so awesome to just breathe without wheezing all the time or coughing up phlegm every morning!! Thanks to this community for being here and don’t forget to reward yourself!!! 
Last reply: December 2 @ 8:48 pm