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Don Fraser
Quit 4 days ago
Here I go with Day 5.    Feel pretty good this morning.     Going out for breakfast as a reward for getting this far.      I think I've got it now.     The patch and lozenge can handle the cravings.    The rest is just habit.      You know - reaching for that smoke after a meal and so on.         Happy quit everybody!
Quit yesterday
Going Cold Turkey tonight! I mean it 🤟🏻
Quit 74 days ago
Best thing i have done. Tried before but this time I was ready
Shannon C
Quit 11 days ago
Thats what I have been saying all day long. Just happy that I am strolling along, chewing gum, going to the pool, doing a little baking, and helping out my son, who happens to be very proud  of me for quitting.
Day 10 almost done 😊
Cravings bad today, but to be expected, and I think of everyone here, and wonder how they are doing, and it helps
Don Fraser
Quit 4 days ago
Day 4 - Tough day at work.     Different location; still among a ton of smokers.    I'm starting to look at it differently, too.    WOW - I think I actually have quit smoking.    Imagine that, after God knows how many tries.   I can actually do this and be happy about it, too.    After three months, I think I'll celebrate.    But not until then.   Gotta keep working at it and winning EVERY DAY.    Cheers folks!
Quitting in 36 days
It is what it is,time for a new beginning
Lucille Brown
Quit 1,319 days ago
None of us are perfect.  We all strive to be better people and to work hard and look after ourselves as best  we can but sometimes we struggle with bad habits that have been part of our lives for a very long time.  Smoking is one of them, it takes more and more from us and is relentless in it's pursuit to keep us addicted.  We all have a sense of preservation, we all want to be free, but the road to freedom can be extremely difficult to travel.  Don't ever give up, it's not an option.  The longer you try, the better chance you have at beating it down until it's really non existent.  One small step at a time will get your there and if by chance you trip along the way, pick yourself up, dust yourself off and do it all over again.  Yesterday I was approached by a young man who wanted to bum a cigarette.  I told him I was no longer a smoker and he looked at me as if I was crazy,  (Ha!Ha! ) but I walked away from him knowing that I was once the same as him, and when I look back on all the stupid things I did back then , I am proud to say that I'm healthier and happier than I've ever been.  I did it, so can you.  Don't ever convince yourself that you can't achieve what you think is impossible. Whatever you want to do, do it now. There are only so many tomorrows. Don't be afraid to fail, it's proof you'll soon be successful. 🎗♥️🚭🙋‍♀️
Quitting in 4 days
So, I'm back smoking.  Got harsh news from Doc.  Definitelty DVT and a serious infection.  If that wasn't enough they found something troubling with blood work and are sending me to specialist.  It was all to much to handle and I caved into the craving.  So I'm resetting Qday and planning.  
Don Fraser
Quit 4 days ago
Day 3 comes to an end. UGH!!      Bed early tonight.       But, I did it.     I beat the temptation at work with smokers everywhere.     Now I know I can do it, hopefully it will be easier next time.
Quit 9 days ago
Days 7 and 8 are behind me now... And I’m looking forward to being able to say 2 weeks quit! 
Had a kind of yuck day... tail end of my cold and not sleeping very well will do that, I guess. Tomorrow will be better...