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Quitting in 5 days
5 days until re-re-quit day ... 
Quit 10 days ago
Day 10 Smoke free - 200 Cigarettes not Smoked !
Lol , One day I will type here 200,000 Cigarettes not Smoked ! mark my words .
On a serious note , almost 99 % cravings for smoking has gone , still get  little cravings after a good lunch or dinner and with alcohol .  I have noticed that I am sleeping much better than before and my wife told me that my Snoring has considerably reduced from last 2 nights . I used to wake up 2 - 3 times / night for smoking but now I am able to sleep for continuous 7 + hours /night . 
Quit 8 days ago
I just came through a couple of Very Difficult Days without smoking. On days like that I would have given in to my "need" to smoke in the past but something is really different about this time around. I am committed to this quit like never before.  I think the main difference is that I hear all of your stories and struggles and it strengthens my resolve and commitment to not give up.  Thank you for being here.  Wishing everyone a lovely, non-smoking day! 
Quit 11 days ago
Good morning:) thanks everyone for the positive comments, support, and encouragement. I really love this site:) I new this journey would not be easy, but it was necessary. I didn't want to prolong my quit anymore. I'm 45 now...what am I going to do? Wait until I'm 65, lung/ heart disease? Paying $50 a pack? It had to be done. I'm utilizing everything bcquitnow has to offer...a quit coach that checks in once a week, this support site, patches, and a morning lozenge. All in all...I'm doing pretty well. Slight annoyances...fatigue ect...but these too, shall pass.
I'm enjoying breathing in fresh air and no more mess and stink. No more embarrassing coughing:)
Have a great day everyone and stay strong...your body loves you for it!
Don Fraser
Quit 9 days ago
Good morning folks - Well, it's day 10 and I'm feeling pretty good.     I go for an hourly lozenge and the patch helps as well.       I'm feeling more like a non-smoker; starting to see and feel the great benefit.    I've already saved some money and I think I'll go to Mexico in the winter with all my loot.    Ridiculous to think I was paying so much for something so destructive.      Have a great day, everybody.     And remember - STICK WITH IT, even if it seems impossible.     We (you and me) are greater than smoking.
Quit 145 days ago
It is nice to be back.   I am struggling right now.  
Quit 363 days ago
I started smoking again a few months back. I need to quit  it's quite depressing 
Quit 11 days ago
Smoke free for 10 days now:) I'm struggling with slight depression and fatigue. I used to look forward to getting out of bed in the morning to have that first smoke, now, it's harder for me to get going. Still really enjoy that hot cup of coffee!  Once I'm showered and at work, I seem to be okay. My attitude, focus, and emotions are in check...I think I have the patch to thank for that:)
No matter what...I'm staying strong and sticking with it. I DO NOT want to smoke anymore. I just hope the fatigue ect goes away soon. They say after 21 days I should feel better:))
Don Fraser
Quit 9 days ago
Good morning - Day 9 of my quit.     Popped a lozenge with my morning coffee and all is well.    Think I'll wear the patch today as yesterday was a bit rough without it.      And I'm not giving up, not giving in NOT ONE PUFF EVER.       Today I'm going up-island for a spiritual course from my religion (Eckankar).    It'll be the first time going to a class where I'm a non-smoker.     Yeah!
Quit 32 days ago
I’ve been just over a month no smoking and I feel worse than I have ever felt 😭 I used to be SO excited to go for a run/walk everyday at Westwood and I typically have tons of energy. Lately my energy level is way down, I feel like my brain is foggy, I am so fatigue constantly (feel weak and tired) I just woke up from a long nap and I feel like I could sleep again. I have no reason to be tired, I feel worse than I’ve ever felt in my life. Everywhere I research seems to make me feel like I should be over this by now. I feel extremely depressed today I just want my energy and motivation back 😭😭😭 plus when I DO force myself to go for a run it turns into a walk and even then I can barely breathe and finish the hour walk. It’s like I’m way less fit than before 🤧 please help.