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Quitting tomorrow
Hi, everyone!  I've been mentally gearing myself up to quit for a year, and since then, I shattered my left wrist which did not heal properly so I had major surgery on it June 1/20, and my orthopaedic surgeon told me the bones in my arm will NOT heal as well, if at all - unless I quit smoking... NOW!  It's exactly what I needed to hear (and from a doctor who has specialised in bone-healing his entire career) to get the last hesitation/delay through my head, I had to have a chunk of my ulna removed, metal-plated and pinned, the pain has been severe for several months - and the thought of still having that much pain (for the rest of my life) because I ignored my surgeon... No, I cannot 'self-inflict' the pain in my left hand/wrist/arm by continuing to smoke. Being pain-free will come from the best of my abilities (along with physio, etc) - and there's no room for smoking in my future, I'm also having shoulder surgery (more bone-healing) and that's just the Top 2 Reasons, the rest of my health, and the well-being of my wallet will improve as well! I'm glad to have come across this Resource, and I'm looking forward to this new chapter in my life.
Don Fraser
I'm not going to give up, folks.       A week, a month, or a few of each, I'll try again.     And I'll stay with just the patch this time.    Last time I had the patch and the lozenge and it was just too much nicotine to come off of.       I've had a little time to contemplate what happened and with the support from all of you, I'll be back in the ring before too long.     I just need time to think.     Happy quitting out there!
Last reply: Yesterday @ 7:14 pm
Margaret Bailey
Quit 6 days ago
In hospital, for a few days, great time to quit. A little proud of myself, after more than 50 years of smoking. Want to stay not smoking once I go home. 
Last reply: Yesterday @ 6:34 pm
Its been one day, I have the Habitrol patch. Im full of anxiety my gut is burning, Im nauseated, I feel like throwing up. All I want to do is have a cigerette to feel better. WHY do I feel like this Ive tried the patched 3 times before and every time I use them I feel sick. Can there be an adverse reaction to the patch? I have to QUIT. I hate smoking.HELP ...Someone tell me what to do. PLEASE
Last reply: Yesterday @ 6:02 pm
Quit 34 days ago
I can’t believe how liberating it feels to not smoke. I don’t have to worry about sneaking around trying to hide to have one, I’m loving it 😃 I’m only a month and 3 days quit so I can’t pat myself on the back too much yet, but it really feels different this time 
Last reply: Yesterday @ 10:07 pm
Quit 93 days ago
3 months today! And day 4 without the patch - I was nervous to stop using the patch but I haven't noticed a difference.  I know I'm not "out of the woods" in terms of conquering my addiction, but the three month mark is an important personal milestone for me, because three months was my previous smoke-free record from my first quit attempt in 2009. This time I feel stronger and more prepared for a smoke-free life, and this forum has made a huge difference! Thank you for sharing your stories and for your support - it really helps to know we aren't in this alone!
Last reply: Yesterday @ 10:27 pm
Dianne 53
Quit 4 days ago
I slipped up on the weekend because I thought I could keep a few smokes lying around. That was a BIG mistake, but I 'm smoke free now. The  cravings are not too bad, baked cookies instead of smoking when I woke up. Trying to keeping busy all day and determined I can do this.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 10:22 pm
I Get To
Quit 219 days ago
Seven months and a few days quit. And yes, I am proud of myself.  Not so proud that I feel I can stare down the monster of addiction at will, but proud enough to recognize that I will always have to be aware of the extent of its reach.  It is not going to give up easily but neither will I.  I have read several comments this morning about quitters who have relapsed and to be honest, it is very much a case of "There but for the grace of God go I".  It could be any one of us - a week one quitter, seven month quitter or a 10 year quitter.  The addiction monster is there waiting.  To those who have relapsed, you can learn from this and be as strong or stronger on your next quit. Be kind to yourself.  To those who are still on their quit journey, best of luck and keep taking care of yourself.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 10:16 pm
Mr. Roberts
Quit 3 days ago
Well here we go again!  Day two and holding my own so far.  This is the hardest thing I have ever had to do.  Really wish I could go back an kick my own ass for ever starting. Actually it is my Dad’s ass I should probably kick, but that is a whole different emotional issue.  Let’s not go there.  Just wanted everyone to know, I am still out here.  Still fighting, and have not given up.  It is tough, I can not hide from it, it is all around me.  Makes it hard to be strong, when there is always a reminder in my face all the time.  But at least my home and vehicle are smoke free, and always have been.  At least I got that.  Hope everyone is healthy, ✌️.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 10:19 pm
Quit 72 days ago
Hey guys, another week passed! I hit a huge milestone at the weekend. My first drinks with friends and I’m not gonna lie the cravings hit hard, very hard! But I managed to hold it together. What helped me is just watching how many they smoked one after another. Everyone they smoked was like a mini victory to me. Almost taking pity on them which is unfair to say but it got me through. I hope this may help someone in a similar situation to myself. But I still woke up extremely  hungover, but very very pleased lol ! 👀🤣
Last reply: Yesterday @ 10:17 pm