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Phillip arthur
Quitting in 14 days
Heard I can get help with patches to quit smoking can u please let me know if this is true 
Lucille Brown
Quit 1,077 days ago
I know I bring this up quite a few times, but every now and then it's nice to say thank you to all the quit coaches who give so much of their time on and off the forum.  So please take a minute out of your day and say thanks, I'm sure it goes a long way in telling them how much they are appreciated.  We certainly wouldn't have this forum without them.  Their support is amazing.  Lucille.
Quit 5 days ago
This is my 5th or 6th time quitting. My last cigarette was on February 13. I am taking Champix. I feel so much better! I am so glad I made this decision. I have learned alot when I relapsed  and believe each time has taught me something about myself. I feel empowered.
Quit 5 days ago
Can anyone recommend a good app for my android phone that keeps track of my days, money saved and health benefits?
Thank you
Quitting tomorrow
Tomorrow I am quitting smoking. Again. It’s turned into a bit of an annual event where I quit smoking this time every year (for the past four years)
I have a real pattern going and there is a small laundry list of things I do to sabotage myself and my quit..
It’s been almost 10 years since I managed to be smoke free for more than two days and I find myself making a lot of deals with myself. It’s absolute insanity. 
I’ve been aware of the deals for a few years and I know how harmful I am to myself. It’s like there are three people in my head. The me who is quitting, the little voice who spends all its time convincing me that I’m quitting but the odd cigarette here and there is only normal. This is the me that cheers me on when a pack of smokes lasts three days and tells the quitting me that I’m quitting. 
Then there is the omnipotent me who sees all of these interactions and deals that go on and knows the damage but haven’t figured out how to stop it. 
So by the time I realize I’m not really quitting smoking I’m actually investing more nicotine than before I started. 
However this is the first time where I can feel that smoking is causing me damage. I’m short of breath and my throat and chest hurt all the time. 
I’ve made a list of things I can do instead and I’m going into it more aware of my patterns. 
I want this to be the last day one that I see. 
Quitting in 2 days
Nervous about quitting, which I've set in two days.  I've quit many times before, but hope this time it's for real!  Going to try the patch, drink lots of water, start running, and making sure I eat regular meals (I tend to skip breakfast and lunch in favor of smokes instead).
Quit 15 days ago
2 weeks!! 
Lucille Brown
Quit 1,077 days ago
You were born to succeed!  Determination and dedication, purpose and passion, whole hearted hope and a wish that shines bright enough to lead the way:  That's what people need to achieve their dreams, and you've got them all. Now all you need to do is let them work their magic! Hope and faith are mighty enough to lift you up and carry you forward.  Dream big and doubt small, because you are liked, loved, looked up to- that's you.  (Anonymous)
Quit 42 days ago
I am really having a tough time, it's crazy!  I quit almost 6 weeks ago.  I am going through some stress, grief and I feel so depressed.  As stated before on the blog, we lost our eldest son to Fentanyl in Nov 2017.   Quitting smoking in the beginning wasn't as hard as it is right now.   My emotions are super high and it's becoming harder for me to go through the grief and loosing "my friend" the cigarette.   Ugggghhhhh  
Quit 9 days ago
going good feeling better cravings are starting to kick in though