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The QuitNow Team
Quit 597 days ago
At QuitNow, we always want to support you in your quitting journey. Right now, there’s a lot happening with vaping and there’s so much information floating around. We want you to know that the Government of Canada is currently investigating the severe vaping-related lung illness. While this investigation continues, we recommend holding off from using vaping products, particularly those with THC.
If you're using e-cigarettes, monitor yourself for symptoms and seek immediate care if they are present. QuitNow now offers services to help you quit or reduce vaping. For more information on services and vaping, click here:
Last reply: January 8 @ 10:03 pm
Quit 9 days ago
Day 9 over!! Please let tmrw have some mercy 😐
Quit 2,679 days ago
Even though money was not my motivation, I love coming back to this site to see how much $ I’ve saved! Over $32,000!!!! Running 10k was my motivation. What’s yours? 
Last reply: Yesterday @ 11:13 pm
Shannon C
Quit 103 days ago
Hubby paid for a salon hair appointment for me today, got my spoiling on 😉
Last reply: Yesterday @ 7:16 pm
Linda Ann
Quitting tomorrow
2 days to quit day. Yikes!
Last reply: Yesterday @ 9:45 pm
Quitting in 16 days
Really nervous....don’t want to fail again...I need this
Last reply: Yesterday @ 11:23 pm
Don Fraser
Quit 96 days ago
3 months and 3 days smoke free.    Feels good.    One thing that I've noticed is that I really am a different person smoke-free.      It's a bit difficult - here is this smoke-free individual that's me.      And I'm just getting to know this person and it's hard but liberating in self-discovery.       I'll get there, I know.    Happy quits everybody.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 7:22 pm
Quit 17 days ago
Lately, Ive been feeling stuck. A lot of things go through my head and it makes me sad. In my head, I ask, "Is this what life is?"  I have been feeling lazy as well.  I was off yesterday and today, but I feel unproductive. But then, it should be alright considering the amount of snow out there. I listen to motivational speeches on you tube as if it's an addiction. I also find it as food for my brain. I'm not complaining or anything. I am grateful for all I have, but why do I feel this way? I always ask the Universe to help me figure out what I need to do on this planet before the end. What kind of service I can contribute to this world. I know, it's all up to me to make things happen to better my life, but I feel paralyzed. It's like I know I need to do it, but what to do. Maybe, I need someone to push me. I feel incomplete.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 9:03 pm
Quit 17 days ago
I think I will be having a few more talks with the quit crew, I do not feel well, I cough all the time and I am very fatigued.  I hope this passes, but between the time it takes to pass and the time it actually passes  ... you know what I mean
Last reply: Yesterday @ 8:46 pm
Darryl Kakoschke
Quitting in 16 days
Wish me luck
Last reply: Yesterday @ 9:13 pm