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The QuitNow Team
Quit 636 days ago
At QuitNow, we always want to support you in your quitting journey. Right now, there’s a lot happening with vaping and there’s so much information floating around. We want you to know that the Government of Canada is currently investigating the severe vaping-related lung illness. While this investigation continues, we recommend holding off from using vaping products, particularly those with THC.
If you're using e-cigarettes, monitor yourself for symptoms and seek immediate care if they are present. QuitNow now offers services to help you quit or reduce vaping. For more information on services and vaping, click here:
Last reply: Yesterday @ 7:59 pm
Quit 87 days ago
I am sitting here awake late into the night because I am waiting to get my results from my doctor as to whether I have lung cancer. In ll likelyhood the answer is yes and I am absolutely scared. I am writing here mostly so that I dont wake my wife again and start both of us crying.
The simple fact of the matter is that more than half of people are dead within seven months of diagnose. What they tend to avoid mentioning is that in the last three months you are in pain and unable to do much except fight for breath. Even before that I suspect every day is coloured by the fact that you are about to do,
I am so scared aand while I tell myself to be brave it is not helping any.
Quit 36 days ago
I used laser treatment
Quitting in 22 days
I need to quit smoking not only for my health, for my family and many other reasons. I have been smoking for 50 years and I really need some kind of support to help me kick this habit. I welcome any tips or suggestions! 
Last reply: 31 m ago
Thinking about quitting
Clean air laws for enclosed and open spaces in worksites help to contribute to reaching optimal health of our fellow employees. Benefits of a smoke-free workplace includes less sick time taken off by smokers, higher productivity due to less smoke breaks, and decreased exposure to secondhand smoke. In a smoke-free workplace, you can help to save the lives of over 41,000 individuals who die every year from secondhand smoke. Visit the CDC website for further discussion in their credible and accurate blog titled, "Workplace Smoke-Free Policies and Cessation Programs."
Mr. Roberts
Quit 5 days ago
Really feeling that good old detox today.  Coughing my head off all afternoon, but I know that it is just my body forcing out the mucus and flem trapped in my body.  Will feel better once it is all out.  At least day 6 is almost here and I am still on track, very happy about this.
Last reply: 6 m ago
Crystal Brunsdon
Quitting today
I decided that my last smoke was tonight. I hate hacking my lungs out to the point of almost puking. I decided enough was enough. I want to be able to chase my son around without stopping for a breath
Last reply: Yesterday @ 9:39 pm
Quit yesterday
9 hrs ago I smoked my last smoke. I had my quit date planned for Feb 29 but something in me just said Nope no more excuses, no more putting it off to another better time. Just do it. I have been on Zyban for a week now. Hope it makes it a little easier. 
Last reply: 1 m ago
Quit 19 days ago
What I love about this site is the personal quit plan. Everyday I can see how much money I saved and how many smokes I didn't smoke. This makes a huge impact for me. So to date for me; ~ 18 days smoke free... Money saved $292.50... 450 cigarettes not smoked ! I am sooooo proud of myself as I never thought id make it this far. The first week was hell. But now Im not so obsessed about NOT smoking every minute of every day... my apeitite has leveled out... my brain is clear … my eyes are better … my skin is better...  my gums don't bleed from gum desease smoking... somehow my dream world now is like a Hollywood movie night every night... my leg cramps are gone, I have good breath.. and Im not coughing up a lung ! My cloths don't stink and I even didn't punch out  or wig out towards a few people that made me angry ( or go buy a pack and smoke). The headaches are almost all gone all together. So just thought id share some of the benefits Ive experienced in just a short time for those who are just starting there journey. Please do share what you have noticed since you quit would love to hear from you. Carpe Diem People.
Last reply: 24 m ago
Quit 63 days ago
Had a Slip - I had quit for almost 2 months and then smoked the weekend my husband and I went away.  I knew it was going to be difficult and I think I actually allowed myself to slip.  It wasn't my husband who sabotaged me.  I did it to myself.  I think I had worked myself up to allow myself to smoke.  The one good thing that came out of it was after 3  1/2 days of smoking I couldn't breathe again.  I had to use both my puffers and my breathing was very laboured.  I was actually glad to stop smoking again.  I know I can't smoke anymore.  Three days of smoking sent me right back into lung distress.  I haven't smoked since that Mon (Feb 17) and my lungs feel so much better.   I have early signs of COPD so I know I need to rehab my lungs with not smoking and exercise.  
Last reply: 10 m ago