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Quit 11 days ago
There are times like now when not smoking feels impossible.  I will be around smokers tonight. But helping run a 12 step meeting and will be there early so probably avoid the smokers and usually late leave as a lot to clean because of covid. I am giong to fo my best to not have a cigarette. Feel panicked about it but if I dont smoke I dont smoke right. 11 days dont want to start again. Nervous about cutting my patch strength tommorrow but it's time. We got this right
Emil Moraliyski
Quitting in 19 days
At least I will try...
Last reply: 12 h ago
Quit 11 days ago
10 days smoke free. Giong to cut to the step 2 patch on Sunday. Not giong to stress about the nicotine supplements,  have the gum only when I get a intense craving and it helps alot. The morning are still the most challenging but it takes time to change a behavior. I am today starting to feel proud of myself and I am determined to continue to reach out and do whatever it takes to not smoke. Guys if your just quitting you can do this. I was so addicted, it's not easy but this site helps.
Last reply: 12 h ago
Quit 28 days ago
Day 27: it has  been an up and down journey these past 27 days! I am so happy that I haven’t smoked and am beginning to have short periods of time that I don’t think about cigarettes. So grateful for this forum : )
Last reply: Yesterday @ 6:34 pm
Quitting in 21 days
I have just made the decision to quit. I appreciate any tips you may have for me to make this journey more effective and good luck on your own
Last reply: Yesterday @ 6:40 pm
Quit 3 days ago
day 3 I succeeded not having a puff yesterday. Today I went to walk but it is still raining so I could not pick up. It is a good sign. My biggest motivation is to save a money and move to bigger apartment. I hope I can accomplish it. Also, I don't want to feel guilty because I told my co-worker and a boss I quit. I don't need a cigarette and I just need a coffee. Hope it will go well. This community is extremely helpful and I thank everyone. Daisuke
Last reply: Yesterday @ 6:44 pm
Quit 14 days ago
I am on day 12 of quitting. I have been using nicotine gum and running low on it. Does anyone know a way to get gum at a subsidized rate?
Last reply: Yesterday @ 12:46 pm
Lucille Brown
Quit 1,663 days ago
To the former quitters who haven't posted for a while,  hope all is going well with your quits.  Come back at any time to let us know how you're doing.  It's so good to hear of your success stories and brings to mind all that is right with the world during this pandemic.  Happy quits to all the newcomers as well.  Your fight to  leave this addiction behind is our fight as well.  Welcome to the community.  Lucille.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 12:04 pm
Quit 11 days ago
9 days smoke free. Today I had times I was tempted to smoke but overall it was easier today than any of the previous days. Still have chronic headache but my energy is a bit better which is a start to becoming normal. It is possible to not smoke because I haven't for 9 days.
Last reply: Yesterday @ 7:44 am
Quit 5 days ago
So I quit Monday...drinking wine...that will be next to go...husband has prostate cancer...nearly died but I fought the MD's and won and saved him...but that killed me...but I need to get off all help...what i really need is magnanimous strength so after it's used up there is something left to keep ME afloat...drowning drowning drowning...
Last reply: September 24 @ 9:56 pm