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Warrior Woman
Quitting in 22 days
I'm excitted and ready to quit smoking.
Quit 4 days ago
Well 5 days now and am feeling good about joining this forum. Very nice folks and lots of kind and welcoming words. I have never been on a site and have never been involved I social media so please excuse if I don't always know correct protocol!
Are you supposed to respond to everyone (I got 15 or so ) I wasn't sure but don't want to appear ungrateful for encouragement!!! Anyway I'm doing ok but urges to smoke still there. My teeth for some reason have started to hurt and it's as though some part of my brain is trying to trick me into smoking. Sounds stupid I know!!
I hope all of you fine folks are well, and thanks again for your kind words. Bob
Cameron Mitchell
Quit 18 days ago
Im on day 18.  Can't believe I have made it this far.  I have more energy and feel healthier.  Except my throat has been sore.  Gets a little better each day and there has been minor amounts of phlegm.  Nicorette mints have been incredibly helpful.  I only take a few per day but they really have helped me ride threw rough patches.  I can't imagine I will ever be able to get off the Nicorette mints but if I don't it is still 1000% better than smoking.  Why my throat would be sore after quitting is a mystery to me.  I might have a slight cold.  My wife announced to me on day 5 that she wants a seperation.  It will be very amicable but nevertheless an absolute bombshell.  I never broke down on my quite despite going through this.  It is my time to quit and I want to live a healthy long life.  I have got this.
Quit 118 days ago
Missing that Old Life
Does it go away?  Or is it because I did not want to quit, is that why I will never stop wanting one.  I still miss it terribly, as if it was a human.  It went so well with everything.  And now, with this weather, just to sit outside and smoke would be so nice.  I mean, I am sort of happy I quit I suppose, but with having nothing change for me after I quit, I just have so much trouble wrapping my head around it.  Most people hate the smell after they quit, I love it.  I find myself purposely following people on the street when they are smoking just to be able to get a whiff of it.  I literally feel like I am dying for a smoke, the only reason I have not had a puff, is because the quit was too hard, and I don't know that I could stop after one puff.  I hate whining, when there are so many other problems in the world.  I just wish I could have just one more smoke.  Welcome to all of the new people on the forum, sounds like so many of you are so committed.  
Quit 4 days ago
I am Bob. Even though I am 73 years old I decided Sunday last to quit. Today is Wednesday and feeling ok. Haven't really noticed a big change except somehow my circulation seems better I mean my feet don't seem cold at night, also I seem to fall asleep faster. Perhaps this is only in my mind. NOT sure. Anyway any help or advice will gratefully be received. Have a good day to all. BAC.
Quitting in 9 days changed my quit date until after an important event...hoping I will get fed up before then! I was just sick with pneumonia.'d think that would be enough!! 
Quit 363 days ago
In 4 days it will be a year that I quit cold turkey. I don't even crave cigarettes anymore. You can do it!
Quit 64 days ago
I am officially  quit two months.  Still a little tough at times but I am getting through  it. My birthday  was on father's day so we had a dinner out and the best part was I didn't  leave between coarses  for a smoke. We also camped on the weekend  and sitting around the fire having beers didn't  bother  me at all.
Don Fraser
Quitting today
Hi - I'm Don.     I'm quitting in a few days.    I know it's gonna be tough but I'm determined to do it.
Quitting in 6 days
I'm looking forward to feeling healthier