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Quit 366 days ago
Well I made it . One year smoke free. A year ago last night I hobbled  outside with crutches  and a cast for a smoke not even thinking it would be my last one. I didn't even throw out my smokes til I was three months in and then gave them to my neighbor. I am glad I stopped  smoking but it has not been easy at all. It still is not easy. If the price  of cigarettes  dropped I might think I could start again, but we all know that's not going to happen and I am just to frugal  to start that again. All that money up in smoke.  Now if only I could kick this gum chewing habit. Is there a forum for that? Thank you all for the support.  A special  shout out to Lucille  and Judy the beauty and all the quit coaches who have been with me since the beginning  of this quit journey  😊😊😊😊😊
Quit 5 days ago
Just started day 5. First thing i thought about when i woke up was goin to the store and buying smokes before wife and kid woke up. But, I poured a coffee, drank half and popped a nico gum in..and it helped. I had to walk to my kids preschool early, alone to help the teacher hide easter eggs, thought about goin to the store again...but thinking about my kid helped too. Literally had to talk to myself, almost like a schizophrenic to convince myself not to do it. I didnt. You know what else i noticed while I was walking? Even after 4+ days of no smokes? I was able to take deep breaths..i mean actual ones, ones i remember being able to do..and hold the air in even. Sounds stupid i know, but it kinda blew me away. Something like that wouldve made cough like crazy a week ago. I used to be a good swimmer, maybe ill get back into swimming. 
Thanks for listening, my family supports me..but, they dont really get it. 
Quitting today
 My quit date was April 13th, 2018. I managed to stay smoke free until August 30th, 2018 and started smoking again because of stress. I am now once again, for the millionth time, trying to quit. Now doesn't seem like the time because I am in the middle of finals, and I have three busy children. I feel like I don't cope well when I am overwhelmed, however I need to make this change now. I realize that there isn't a perfect time to quit, but I just wish I could figure out how to cope with stress. I am a stress eater and a stress smoker! Bad combo, I know! My life is chaotic, and I am trying to lighten my day to day responsibilities of full-time university classes, part-time work, a mother of 3 young children, and a caregiver for my blind Dad. By quitting smoking, I will be able to stop working and continue to focus on my primary responsibilities. I am trying to work through my resistance to quit and come out stronger on the other side!
Quit yesterday
Well slipped up a few days ago, had a major angina attack lasting 25 minutes, ambulance, heart ward, blood work, x-rays, CT scan, out of hospital Monday, had a few today but was scared and the whole thing was trauma, recovering, tomorrow not one cig. Diabetes and smoking don't mix, 62 years old want a few more years yet....still have to go to urgent internal medicine clinic for lung issues too.  Got to stop. Thanks for listening.........Paul
Quit 60 days ago
9 weeks-17 lbs. Not worth it. Yes, I do exercise & diet.
Quit 12 days ago
Last night was a rough night I injured my back again I was so close to giving in and smoking cause I was in so much pain dont know how I got through the night but I did. Something else almost happened but didnt. 10 days no smoking 
Quit 2 days ago
Well decreasing is not working out for me. I was positive I was smoking less today. But I just finished my pack and it hasn’t even been 24 hours yet!  So I’m going back to the gum and willpower! I’m going camping this weekend and will not have access to a vehicle to go buy smokes. Hopefully I get those first few days under my belt without going crazy!
Smokeless in The Valley.
Quit 48 days ago
It's so hard!! But it's worth it. I control me again. 
Quit 65 days ago
Nine weeks ago today I had my last cigarette. Feel so much better.
Quit 5 days ago
The gum does help, it calms that sweaty, anxious head scrambling feeling i get when my brain starts talking about wanting a smoke. Its really f#@kin insane how that happens. That whole withdrawl feeling is so terrifying. I want it to stop, but i dont want it to stop this time by having a smoke...i want it to stop by not thinking about it at all. How long did it take you all do overcome? Did it decrease in stages? How long each stage? This feeling is such an echoing example of how bad it is, how smoking has controlled ME. How its become a part of my working on day 4 now, wow. Difficult is an understatement