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Lucille Brown
Quit 896 days ago
Hey Ron, we miss you. Hope you are well. Much love, Lucille.ūüö≠ūüĒÜūüôā
Lucille Brown
Quit 896 days ago
Quote of the week: "Never give up for that is just the place and time that the tide will turn". (Harriet Beecher Stowe) One step is all you need to start your journey. (Anonymous)
Quit yesterday
3 days smoke free and I had a slip. Didn’t even realize I had bought smokes until I was opening them up outside the store.  I admit I had one. I felt quite guilty for it, so I gave the rest to a fellow truck driver, which made me feel worse for supporting his habits when trying to kick my own. I learned that I should have someone with me when doing purchases at the gas station. 
Quitting in 11 days
Just signed up, quit date 12 days from now and running scared already! Going to pick up some supplies this week, looking forward to not spending $390+ a month. Known far and wide as a long time dedicated smoker, first quit attempt in a long time .....please,  wish me luck!
Quit 11 days ago
I had a few slips cause of stress but not no more but I dont got anything for nicotine wise I am struggling to quit completely due to smoking cigarettes for 15 years and I'm thirty years old I also couldn't remember my password for this site and had to join my facebook onto hear to get back I'm doing my best to stay strong and smoke free I need all the prayers and support from all who can help me in time of need and or check up on how I'm doing because I really dont want cancer or to die young
Stebbie (aka Steve)
Hi, this is Lisa, just popping on to let you know my brother Steve relapsed some time ago now. I do not know if he has plans or thoughts of trying his quit again, but I will be here to support him if/when he does. Just wanted to post something to let people know where we'd disappeared to. Oh! But he got himself his first computer for his 60th birthday, so when he does quit again maybe I can help him get on here independently! That's be cool. 
OK thanks to all who offered their support during Steve quit. Hope he'll be back here some time. 
Quit 8 days ago
Day 8 and waiting for all the wonderful stuff to happen. Still feel like crap! Told that I was to notice change after 3 days but am still suffering, mostly with the habit not the lack of nicotine.
Experiencing major anxiety, don’t want to do much and don’t want anyone around, feeling a depression funk coming, but refuse to smoke. I know that if I have a puff it will taste awful, give me the spins and will feel so guilty and frustrated that I will have to start over.
When is the benefits of quitting going to start?
7 days, 10 hours, 6 minutes in
Quit yesterday
Hi Guys, It's J.N. here, I tried to quit initially 12 times in my lifetime, but 'for good' it was 1000 days ago today (yay!!!) and today is my first day where I want to start helping, motivating, and encouraging others and support them on the way. Quitting smoking has been the best decision in my life as my health, mind, self-image and my lifestyle improved so much, that I started another page in my life, drawing a line between failure and success that now follows me everywhere I go and in everything that I do. Trust me, I figured it out and surprise surprise let me share it with you that it's all about the mindset (at least 80%) of it. I now know for 100% that I will never ever have a cigarette in my life and it just feels fantastic!
I am a non-smoker now, but it breaks my heart seeing others making the same mistakes I used to do not that long ago. I realised, that now it is time to give back! I went through this painful journey that lasted more than a decade and trust me the fun that smoking gave me was not worth damaging my health and the overall happiness. I really want to help others, I'm changing careers now, and I know that there comes a day where I am ready to share all that I have learned so far with everybody who is committed to quit for good. Since I quit for good, I keep thinking about one question that bugs me a lot and I wonder if you can help me with it.
Guys, what is THE ONE THING according to you that each smoker (like you) desires? If you could have it, reach it somehow, perhaps within a month or a year from now,  what would that be or how would it look like?  Only honest responses, please. 
Quitting tomorrow
Just signed up. I have one pack left. I’m going to get the patch later today. Quit = -2 days
Quit 17 days ago
16 days smoke free.  my sleep is not as restless so I feel more awake during the day. My breathing is easier.